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Confused. Should I be jumping for joy?

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madamefreckle Sun 27-Sep-09 16:22:02

Any one else had this? I had moderate spotting from 5 days post ov which lasted for 5 days. It wasn't just the light pink / brown spotting that I've read could be 'implantation bleeding' - it was much more like a proper AF although a tad lighter. AF due today and v. faint test line. Should i be jumping for joy yet or could it have been a v. early mc and some hcg remaining in my system??

ihearthuckabees Sun 27-Sep-09 16:38:32

This happened to me freckle although slightly differently. Lots of heavy spotting around AF time, thought it was period, realised after a couple of weeks that I hadn't had a proper AF so did a test, it was positive but still heavy spotting, then it turned into a miscarriage. But the mc, once it started for real, was full on bleeding etc, as you'd expect, not just spotting.
Hope this isn't depressing, but all you can do is wait and keep your fingers crossed that it was just implantation bleeding. You can do another test in a few days to check again.

madamefreckle Sun 27-Sep-09 21:52:11

Thnx for your reply. Have had no spotting for nearly a week now but no proper AF either, so feeling positive at the moment but can only wait and see I guess!

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