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Zita West-according to her I've got 3 things going against me. How true do you think?

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randomtask Thu 24-Sep-09 10:14:38

I was reading her book about fertility and conception last night and;

-it says if you've just come off the pill you have a sudden 'fertile time' and then it falls dramatically and may not come back for 18 months. Does anyone know how long this fertile time will last?! We weren't planning on trying until I've had two bleeds. I'm now worrying as I was on cerazette anyway which I've recently read is evil with fertility (I got the book to calm me down).

-I'm overweight (I knew this already) and although only technically by half a stone ish, I've been trying to lose weight and it's not happening. She also tells you not to diet and not to eat wheat or dairy, both of which the diet I'm on heavily depend on (and incidentally this is a 'healthy' diet).

-I'm anaemic but it's not iron deficiency so I don't know if that is less or more of a problem as it means I can't stop my anaemia.

I was trying to be rational and I'm already worrying! Do I try to persuade DH we shouldn't wait til I've had a period (or two) or do I just try to stop thinking? And if you think stop thinking, how the hell do you do it?!


idealcamel Thu 24-Sep-09 10:36:15

Can't be of much help - I don't know anything about the cerazette issues. But, while I'm sure Zita West has helped loads of people, I think ALL of the TTC advice needs to be taken with several large pinches of salt.

I think that the post-pill "fertile time" is anecdotal, rather than medically proven. TBH, it certainly didn't happen for me.

Re: dairy/wheat. Any severely restricted diet is going to make your body less inclined to get pregnant, I would imagine. If you like dairy and wheat and it works for you, keep eating it.

Half a stone is NOT overweight - BMIs are guidelines, not absolutes. Being morbidly obese might make pregancy a problem, being a little bit plump will have little bearing either way.

I'm sure lots of people will pop past and be much more scientific than me; I just wanted to reassure you that there's nothing wrong.

Best of luck!

thedollshouse Thu 24-Sep-09 10:39:32

All you can do is try, see your GP about your anaemia if you are worried. Don't wait to have two bleeds after coming off the pill, you only need to have one bleed to work out your dates. First time round I conceived within 2 months of coming off the pill.

randomtask Thu 24-Sep-09 11:26:06

Thank you both!

Doctors know the reason behind my anaemia and didn't mention anything about pregnancy issues (we were there checking DH doesn't have the same problem before we start TTC) but I'm not sure they understood as they had to talk to consultants who told them what I already knew!

I know I'm not really overweight but I'd love to lose weight before I'm pregnant. I'm very short anyway so any extra weight shows. Plus I have ginormous boobs anyway and am not sure they'd have maternity bras big enough if mine grew anymore....

That's what I thought about dairy and wheat which is why it worried me. I don't want to cut anything out as in my opinion, that'll just give your baby possible problems. Seemed daft but everyone says she's great!!

I borrowed the book thinking it'd stop me reading the internet and worrying-it's made me worry more! Suspect DH will start banning me from reading soon although I have noticed he's been eating better.....

I think I just need to stop worrying but don't know how that happens. I'm normally a calm and rational person!!

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