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charleepeters Mon 06-Jun-05 16:49:47

Well here we are on another thread and im hoping this one is a bit more lucky! welcome girls!!!

take it away!

Im Charlee (duh!)
im 18
i have 1 ds - 9 months
CD - 12

ttc after 9 months of heavy bleeding with ds, waiting for ov now to get the ball rolling!

wanting any kind of beanie colour/size doesnt matter aslon as its/they are healthy!

hugs to all! xxxx

MRSflamesparrow Mon 06-Jun-05 16:56:32

Oooh, I get to be at the start of a TTC thread!!!

I'm Flame,

I'm 24

I have one DD - just 2.

CD - 17.. but being new to TTC I have no idea how long my cycle lasts or when I ovulate!!

I'm on my first 17 days of TTC. Fell for DD the one and only time we did anything unprotected, so this is all kinda new to me.

I'm another one wanting any shape, size or colour. I just want a baayyyybbeeeeee

Frizbe Mon 06-Jun-05 17:02:39

Hi again all!!! fingers x'd this new threads a good un charlee, hope your dispatch is in order

Me 30
dh 40
dd 19mths

cd 15 or if have ov'd dpo1 ! but as you all know my cycles are a bit erratic! so? if last months owt to go by ov was on cd18, so til thus to go???

ttc for 3mths now, and would like a healthy beanie asap please

Frizbe Mon 06-Jun-05 17:06:18

Must also just say Hi to Milosmum n Munz, hope you are both feeling ok today

Wendy hope you are resting up ok today,

also hugs to Rom, Hula, Rachelrog, Trix, Harizeb, Handbag, Debs (on a beach in Cuba!) Bella, Charlee of course!, Spacecadet, MRs FS and apologies to anyone I may have missed. Here's lots of dust for us all this month, and cheers to charlee's bumper thread!

.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨) .·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨) .´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨) .·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´

Hulababy Mon 06-Jun-05 17:08:13

Let's hope this is a lucky one

Hula's stats:

Age: 32
DH: 31
Children: one DD, age 3y 2m (TTC for her - 15 months, early mc, then another 14/15 monhts)
On CD10, month 10 of TTC.

I just want a beanie - no preferences right now!

Have just spent an hour or so cuddling Katzguk's 1 day old little girl - adorable. Hoping some magic baby dust might have rubbed off.

And my DD is now very keen on us having a baby soon and she really wants to be a big sister - please mummy!

munz Mon 06-Jun-05 17:47:33

hay all, went to the dr's today - she was about as gental as the horishma bomb was - cow anne, anyhow she's confirmed what we already knew, have to go back for a scan in 2 weeks to make sure it wasn't an eptiopic PG.

anyhow good luck on the new thread, still not sure if we'll be TTC this cycle, but if u don't mind i'll be looking in on u all every day cos I need an MN fix!

spacecadet Mon 06-Jun-05 18:00:23

just wanted to cautiously announce that i got a bfp this morning, went into town and couldnt resist buying a cb test and doing it in the loo.
im staying round here though as dont feel ready to graduate, hopefully this will a lucky month, {{{{hugs}}} to you munz.( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨) .´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨) .·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) .·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨) .·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´

.·´ ¸.·´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨)
.·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) .·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯`*·´¯`· *´¨) .·´ ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) sending lots of babydust everyones way

munz Mon 06-Jun-05 18:04:20

oh SC - big congrats hon, i'm so happy for you. ((((((((hugs)))))))))

spacecadet Mon 06-Jun-05 18:09:57

thankyou munz, feel so guilty about my bfp though with what you are going through, someone else i know has m/c today aswell, take it easy.{{hugs}}}

HandbagAddiction Mon 06-Jun-05 18:11:08

Evening all! Feels like I've been away for ages and it's only been a few days! Had a great but tiring weekend with the extended family at my cousins wedding. dd had a lvoely time playing with all the other children and staying up late in the disco....and she's only 21 months old!!! Back to reality now though and time to catch up with everyone......

In terms of my stats...

me 35
dh 41
dd 21 months
Third month of TTC #2. Now on CD11 and have some ov symptons so will get my pee sticks out tomorrow morning. Desparate to get some bd'ing in tonight and tomorrow as then dh is away until in reality, there's not much chance of any success this month!

Munz - I'm gutted for you honey. Life can be so cruel sometimes. Hope you're doing OK.

Spacecadet - - don't want to get too carried away but it looks like you're to be the first graduate on Charlee's thread! How exciting.

Milosmum - hope you're also doing OK after your sad news at the end of last week.

Wendy11 - sticky dust to you for all embryos.....hope this month things work out well for you.

Hulababy - just caught up with your house news from the previous thread. What a nightmare - I really do feel for you - just wish sometimes there was something else we could do to help in these fact - should we send a party of Mumsnetters round to intimidate him into exchanging contracts???

Hello also to Frizbe, Romilly, Harriezb, Charlee, MrsFlamesparrow, Rachelrog, Debbsy, Bella, trix and anyone else I have forgotten. Think positive thoughts everyone - we will get our beanies this month!!

Nemo1977 Mon 06-Jun-05 18:11:42

just crashing to wish u all luck on new thread and sc hun wowwwwwwwwwwww congrates to u what a way to start new thread haaaaaaaa

Hulababy Mon 06-Jun-05 18:11:45

Thinking of you munz.

Hulababy Mon 06-Jun-05 18:12:01

Congratulations spacecadet - well done!

munz Mon 06-Jun-05 18:12:48

sc - don't be bloomin daft woman! u enjoy ur moment, this is you're time now. I'm coping well still having bad hours but all in all i'm coping better than last time. (mainly cos of DH).

Nemo1977 Mon 06-Jun-05 18:12:48

meant ot say munzie hun im sooo sorry about ur mc..although sorry is never enough

and hugs to milosmum too

spacecadet Mon 06-Jun-05 18:12:50

thanks nemo

MRSflamesparrow Mon 06-Jun-05 18:13:26

Wow Spacecadet - definately a great way to start the new thread!!

spacecadet Mon 06-Jun-05 18:13:46

your dh sounds great munz-its lovely to have that support, he must be hurting too.

munz Mon 06-Jun-05 18:16:38

he does I think - but no more talk about u feeling guilty or i'll come over there and pinch all your chocolate!, as it was said by trix I think - u can't stop the sun from rising anymore than I could've stopped what happened happening. the weekends been hell but well, dust down pick up and muddle on thru.

besides u girls have been amazing support - so I thank you all rom the bottom of my heart for listening to my rambalings.

spacecadet Mon 06-Jun-05 18:19:37

its all you can do sometimes isnt it? you dust yourself down and you carry on, all the more determined.

munz Mon 06-Jun-05 18:21:22

well yes, so are we gonaa stop this guilty talk or am I gonna pinch your chocolate? ( hmmm choc!)

charleepeters Mon 06-Jun-05 18:27:03

Like i said welcome ladies im hoping for some luck this month..........

so whos testing when this month so i know who to ship order out to im only day 12 so a while for me!

spacecadet Mon 06-Jun-05 18:27:19

yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!! now i just have to go and buy some chocolate! gonnastuff my face before horrific sickness kicks in

munz Mon 06-Jun-05 18:30:20

sc - ooh send some my way! lol, althou i'm gonna harrass DH to cook me somehting for tes - we have ifits tonight as it's his turn for cooking and I haven't told him what to make! (he's probably do some variation of beans on toast, but least he tries!) anyhow, of for another night infront of the telly lyin on the sofa and taking things easy.

charleepeters Mon 06-Jun-05 18:32:07

if theres choccy about then send it this way please i need to feed my adicction! pizza for me tonight i have spen the day doing Davina Mcall's power of three workout so i deserve it!

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