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yes or no?

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CallyGal Tue 22-Sep-09 17:56:09

I'm 4 days late (ok, not very late, but I'm usually like clock work), I have had PMT-type pain, severe exhaustion and hunger for the last couple of weeks. But the two tests I've done in the past 4 days have given BFN results! And they were the expensive tests!

I've never been pregnant before, and this was only our first month trying, so am I being hyper-sensitive?

Would be good to hear if anyone has a similar experience?
Ta x

lucybrad Tue 22-Sep-09 18:40:38

awww i remember this feeling well. Its like you convince yourself your pg by analising all your feelings. I cant help you but i can say my friend had two weeks worth of negative tests and she has severe nausea, she went to the doc who said go home and do another test and it was positive!!!

good luck!

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