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EWCM for 12 days now and no sign of ovulation! Anyone had anything similar?

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Antiquarian Mon 21-Sep-09 08:54:43

OK, so I have already posted here about a disappearing temperature rise, but I have now had 12 days of EWCM, almost constantly, and still no sign of ovulation. This seems so weird, in the past if I've ovulated late, I've had on or more discrete patches of EWCM, not constant. I'm now on day 23.

Should I be worried? Or is this just my cycle going a bit mad after an early miscarriage? It's not the late (or possibly no) ovulation that particularly worries me, although it's annoying, just that my body seems to have been working so hard to do it for so many days now without success!

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Thanks in advance!

Meita Tue 22-Sep-09 12:11:22

Hi antiquarian,
I'm indeed in a similar situation. I MCd at 5 weeks in July, then had a bit of a confusing post-MC cycle and AF (first after MC) arrived on CD45. So for the next cycle I started to do OPKs in addition to observing CM and temps. I'm now on CD28 and have had fertile CM since CD13 (with odd days in between where the CM was a bit unclear). No + on the OPK and temps have stayed low, slowly decreasing actually.

Kind of a surge today so the epic story might be nearing an end.

While our situations are similar (and I'm glad to read that others experience this too! though sorry for you!) I really can't help with explaining what's going on and why. It might be an issue with ovulation - follicle maturation maybe works well but ovulation just doesn't happen, or something like that. In any case I will be keeping my charts and if anything like this happens again, I'll try to talk to someone about it.

I've read somewhere that some people have lots of CM all the time and it thus is hard to interpret. But like you, it didn't use to be like that for me - so I too am thinking it could be MC related.

Would be nice if we could share observations... let me know how you're doing, please?

Antiquarian Thu 24-Sep-09 14:14:35

Hi Meita! That sounds very similar, sounds like our bodies are a bit confused following the miscarriages (sorry to hear about yours). I can report that my temperature has finally gone up now. I'm 4 days post ov, according to fertility friend, although it's all a bit confusing. How about you?

My temps do tend to decrease I think as I approach ovulation. And this cycle they were unusually high for the first ten days or so which I think might reflect pregnancy hormones hanging around? Which in turn might have caused my body to delay ovulation? No idea really though.

Annoyingly DH was away over the weekend so having bd'd every day of EWCM up till then (exhausting!) I think we may have missed the crucial moment! But anyway, I have this mad theory that when ovulation is delayed like that, it can't be good for the egg (I start imagining it getting a bit overcooked)! I am hoping that that is scientifically unproven!

Meita Fri 25-Sep-09 00:12:09

Hey there,

Glad do hear that all your EWCM finally translated into what seems to be ovulation. Well, it is unfortunate that it should happen right wenn DH was away... but still comforting that it is actually happening.

FF today put me at 3 days past ovulation, but I am not at all convinced - yeah, temps are much higher than they were a few days ago, but that's mainly due to them having reached record lows a few days ago. So currently just on my usual coverline, not the smallest bit above. So will wait and see if it rises further or drops again. My DP too was away the last couple of days, and I was SO sure that I would ovulate on the worst possible of days, but it seems we got lucky. Well. Maybe. Actually I think this cycle will be anovulatory for me, unless temp chart really starts clearing up a bit; and in that case it wouldn't matter anyway, would it.

I don't think delayed ovulation per se is a problem - lots of women who have long, irregular cycles (often due to conditions such as PCOS) still conceive healthy children. However, adding to the delayed ovulation the strangeness of constant fertile CM does seem a bit OTT - all the hormones that are producing the CM seem to have to have an effect on egg maturation, it would appear. Well, scientific or not, overcooked puts it quite nicely!

btw, this is a very friendly, supportive, and fun thread where some women who are TTC after an MC are helping each other survive the experience. You'd be welcome to join us there

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