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no periods, not pregnant, what will the doctor do? advice please

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mumandlovingit Fri 18-Sep-09 20:23:03


ive now missed two periods,done loads of pregnany tests and im not pregnant.

if nothings happened by next week im going to visit the doctor.i had my copper coil out at the beginning of may and had regular periods every 28 days and now ive missed two.

has anyone been in this position? what is the doctor likely to do?

we're trying for a baby and its not going well with me not having periods and probably not ovulating either so i dont really want to have any hormones to correct it

is there anything else they would give me or do? im worried i will go and they wont test anything and just give me hormones and mess things up even more.

any advice is appreciated

mumandlovingit Fri 18-Sep-09 21:22:41


PacificDogwood Fri 18-Sep-09 21:31:01

Hi, there,
your dr should take a full history ie when did you periods start, how regular did you used to be, how long did you have a copper coil, any other previous pregnancies, other methods of contraception etc etc.
Then there should be an examination, usually just abdominal, but internal too if needed ie you're due a smear.
Then some blood tests should be organised to check your general health and look for other reasons why periods can not appear, and hormonal blood tests.
Nobody is going to give you hormones is you do not want them, however sometimes they can be a good idea to get things kickstarted.
You can ovulate before you have a period, just be aware of that and take your folic acid anyway wink..
Have you had a big weight change recently? Particularly woman who are v slim can have problems with periods/ovulation disappearing.
Underactive thyroid is another possibility.

Go and see you GP. Tell them your concerns, also tell them if you are not comfortable with something they suggest.
Doctors are VERY VERY cleverhmmwink, but we can only go on the information provided to us.
Very best of luck to you smile.

mumandlovingit Fri 18-Sep-09 21:37:39

thank you for your response.

i dont get on well with hormones, i cant have the combined pill and the injection/mini pill makes me put on loads of weight and bleed all the time, i then had the copper coil inserted in November and bled all the time lightly/heavier every day almost until May. i eventually had the family planning clinic remove it for me as i couldnt cope with it any longer. the doctor didnt want to remove it until a year after i had it put in. i couldnt cope any longer, i was moody, irritable and had no sex life which effected our relationship.

if they do blood tests then thats great as it may show something up. im taking folic acid and omega something sanatagon pregnancy tablets just in case.

i havent lost alot of weight and theres no other reason for my periods to have stopped that i know happened the month we wanted to start trying so its typical!

thanks again

daisydotandgertie Fri 18-Sep-09 23:03:05

I was in much the same situation as you - my last cycle was a very unusual 86 days. I had 2 sets of blood tests done, with no odd results and finally had a humdinger of a period.

My doctor was pretty good (and I thought she'd think I was neurotic!) and has referred me for an ultrasound and to a specialist. I go for the ultrasound at the end of this month.

My best advice is get to the doctor and start with blood tests.

mumandlovingit Sat 19-Sep-09 08:03:22

thankyou, i will see if anything happens period wise and go to the doctors is nothing happens. i just want my period to hurry up so we can start trying properly for our baby and so i havent got belly ache.

it has been worrying me though as to why its like this

daisydotandgertie Mon 21-Sep-09 08:15:07

Have you phoned the doctor yet?

It is worrying when periods go astray - I really do understand that. But the only people who can investigate what's going on are the docs. It might be as simple as a peculiar, one-off cycle. But it's best to be sure, I think.

Good luck!

Rhian82 Mon 21-Sep-09 08:50:30

I don't have any experience with the coil, but I had something similar after coming off the pill. My periods were really irregular for a while, then I didn't have one for several months. Took pregnancy tests, negative. I went to the doctor who referred me for blood tests which tested thyroid etc, but the nurse forgot to tick all the right boxes and hormone levels weren't checked. I went back to the doctor who booked me for another blood test, and also for a scan to see if it was PCOS or something similar. While there I also mentioned my breasts had seemed bigger, and she advised taking another pregnancy test as just because I hadn't been pregnant before didn't mean I wasn't now. Took one and it was positive!

I don't know what caused the lack of periods, but I think my point is, as people have said, you could become pregnant at any point so keep checking and watch out! And for me it did just last a couple of months, and obviously resolved fine, so hopefully that will be the case for you too.

(Annoyed the hospital though as they don't normally do dating scans here, but they had to for me as I had no way of calculating the due date!)

mumandlovingit Mon 21-Sep-09 16:06:04

i havent gone to the doctors yet, im at work all week and my dp is away so havent got childcare for after school. i will see how it goes and try to get there at the end of the week if possible. i rang and spoke to the nurse who said as my 2nd perios was only due end of last week id be better making sure whether ive missed this once too before going, will give me more chance of having them look into it. thye normally dont do too much until youve missed 3 apparently.

im just getting really annoyed as we want to try for a baby. did preg test again today and its negative.

i keep hoping my period will start so i havent got to worry about it all, just worry about when to BD so i can conceive! we anted me pregnant before xmas, doesnt look very likely.

thank you for your responses.

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