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anyone heard of or had AMH test?

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Clure Fri 18-Sep-09 17:41:19

I'm ttc #2 at age 41 and have been told that my FSH levels are very high which shows a possiblilty of limited egg reserve/premature meno. I've been reading about the AMH test which is a reliable blood test which shows level of a particular hormone(can't remember its name)
I've read that its not available on NHS and just wondered if anyone has any experience or knowledge on this. Thanks

DuelingFanjo Fri 18-Sep-09 19:21:20

Hi there. I am 39 and I had this. I can't remember much about it but the result I got was more positve than the second day 21 test I had (which was rather devastating as it seemed to suggest I was in Peri-menopause) and only took a week to come back from Scotland where they apparently do the test.

Onlyaphase Fri 18-Sep-09 19:26:37

I've had this test privately via my IVF clinic (based within an NHS hosptital). When I first saw my consultant I raised the possibility of having the test and he was more than happy to do this for me privately. Speaking to the nurses since then, it seems that FSH tests are being slowly phased out as they are a less good tool for predicting IVF success, and also need to be done on specific days, whereas the AMH test can be done on any day, doesn't vary from month to month, and is a better indicator of IVF success. Looking ahead, I think this will be a standard test in a couple of years.

For what it is worth, my AMH levels came back at 14.1 which I was pleased with (I am 39) and my last tested FSH level was just over 10. It took about 2 weeks to get the results back I think.

DuelingFanjo Fri 18-Sep-09 19:33:24

I had it on the NHS through the IVF unit.

Clure Fri 18-Sep-09 20:36:40

thanks, I haven't got an consultant appointment till January now, I'm not sure how to go about requesting one. do you think I would be able to ring consultant and try? My FSH level came back at 36 which was devestating news

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 19-Sep-09 08:48:33

AMH stands for Anti-Mullerian Hormone. AMH is produced by the egg follicle that the ovaries grow to prepare an egg for release into the fallopian tube. The levels of AMH found in the blood could be an indicator of a woman’s ovarian function. Essentially, an AMH test can tell you if your ovaries are still releasing eggs.

The theory is that because the level of anti-mullerian hormone found in the blood does not fluctuate throughout the month, it could be an accurate predictor of whether a woman is still fertile and how many eggs she has left in her ovaries.

Think Zita West's clinic offer this test. Its actually about 70% accurate.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 19-Sep-09 08:49:59


In your case I'd ring the cons or his secretary and ask if there is a cancellation appt. You certainly should be seen earlier than January.

Clure Sat 19-Sep-09 12:03:34

Thanks Attila, I had looked on the Zita West website. Am going to contact consultant

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