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Calista- Saliva Ovulation test

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cori Sat 04-Jun-05 14:32:41

Has any one ever heard of or used this test?

Tabs Sat 04-Jun-05 14:42:54

Hi Cori - I started using this after my m/c last year. Although I seemed to fern as predicted for the first couple of months, after that I wasn't able to detect a ferning pattern. Apparently they just don't work for some women.

I have, however, known several other women from another forum who have used it quite successfully, some of whom found that they weren't ovulating anywhere near the time that they thought!

It's certainly cheaper to use than traditional OPKs, but I'd recommend using them in conjunction with one another initially, until you can detect a reliable pattern for yourself.

Incidentally, they do say in the leaflet that comes with them that they are not suitable for use within 2 months of being pregnant, so you may want to wait a while before you start with it.

cori Sat 04-Jun-05 15:06:06

Tabs, thats good advice. I was on the verge of going out and buying one, thanks.

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