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Temping questions

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cori Sat 04-Jun-05 12:02:44

Hi Guys
I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago. AF returned 3 days ago ( hooray!!!) I want to start temping again but I have an infection ( taking antibiotics) and my temperature is slightly raised.
Will my basal temperature be higher than normal too? If so, should I carry on tempinng, will it make my chart inaccurate.?

bubbly1973 Sat 04-Jun-05 19:15:56

cori sorry to hear you miscarried, hope you are okay

i take my temp but im not expert, but if i was you i would carry on temping anyway, i doubt they would be accurate since your temp is slightly high due to infection

but you got nothing to lose and you may still see a significant rise after ovulation whether your temp is a bit high or not

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