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Just been given Clomid. Any tips, advice and sucess stories welcome!

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littlemissmischief Mon 14-Sep-09 15:43:30


So FINALLY had my appointment today with the infertility doctor and have been given Clomid. Was very happy as I was hoping this would happen. I have irregular periods so they cannot check if i'm ovulating or not so obviously the Clomid will hopefully help with this! I ham also to have a hormone test to find out why I have irregular periods. Couldnt of asked for more help really and now just excited about starting it.

If anyone has any tips, advice or stories that would be great x

duelingfanjo Mon 14-Sep-09 15:53:05

Hi there

I have recently started Clomid. I have kind of a success story in that I did get pregnant on the first round but sadly miscarried. I've had a lot of advice from mumsnet which has been really helpful. Will try to find the threads for you.

I am on 50 mg, what about you?

I haven't had any severe side effects but that may be because i follwed advice here and take the tablets at night. I do wake up with hot flushes sometimes but it's not too bad.

good luck - I'll go and find those threads for you....

duelingfanjo Mon 14-Sep-09 15:57:38

this is a thread for people trying with Clomid

and this one has success stories on.

littlemissmischief Mon 14-Sep-09 16:14:24

Hi duelingfanjo,

Thanks for finding those threads for me I will have a look in minute.

Im really sorry to hear about your m/c, I had one about a year ago it is so upsetting isnt it. How long have you been trying now?

I am also on 50mg and on my first cycle, I am having a blood test on day 21to make sure I ovulated and if I didnt then I will go on a higher dose. How many cycles have you had now? I've been given 4 cycles of tablets.

I will keep my fingers crossed for

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 14-Sep-09 16:38:54

You should be monitored whilst on clomid throughout your 4 courses with either blood tests or ultrasounds. No monitoring whilst on clomid is a no-no; its bad practice. Clomid is quite powerful stuff and it is not always suitable for all women with ovulatory problems to take. Clomid's main job is to make the ovaries work harder.

Apart from the day 21 test they should be doing a day 2 test to compare your LH level against that of your FSH level (clomid can increase LH levels markedly).

As your periods are very irregular the blood tests can be done according to calendar days.
Common causes of persistantly irregular periods include problems with the thyroid gland and polycystic ovaries. In view of the fact that you've been given clomid they may be thinking along the lines of PCO being the underlying problem.

You do need a proper diagnosis though and you will need to be persistant in order to get answers.

duelingfanjo Mon 14-Sep-09 19:17:56

hi littlemissmischief, I've been trying for 2 years unfortunately. I AM ovulating so they have given me the clomid as a 'boost' and it seems to have worked once (despite the miscarriage.) so I am trying to be positive about it.

Attila, I have only had one scan in three rounds of Clomid, should I be demanding more?

CSparks Sun 04-Oct-09 10:54:38

Hello everyone.

im really after lots of advise.. first time on here,nd not sure of all the abbreviations! lol.

im lead to believe i have POCS,i havent had a period for 2years,so they have me provera.which i took for 10 days and hav my period on the 14th day!
im on day 12 of my cycle(never been so exited to have 1!!lol)and took 100mg clomid,ive also been taking metrofomin 1500mg,i had an internal scan on friday, 1st 1 and said that my folicals are small,they are 6 she said they should be 18 or above to realse eggs(not sure if that mm or what)
to be fair, i havent been given much advice and find it a little frustrating!

i was sick on the clomid. ive constantantly felt un energentic/tired since taken medication.(im genreally quite energentic gym person)just fell like want to curl up on the sofa every day!also feeling dizzy.and was getting massive headaches.whcih have stopped now for a few days!

ive seen comments of here of people releaxing!!?? Gym or chill? lol

really open to loads of advise girlies. x

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