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faint positive...argh

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sophie86 Mon 14-Sep-09 13:53:01

Of course I really want the BFP but it's faint and what I think was implantation was only 3 days ago. I want to get excited, I'm probably torturing myself by taking that test. It was faint and I wasn't sure if it was in the right place but I rang the manufacturers and they said it was in the right place but I should wait a couple more days.

Anyone else in the same boat?

TheOldestCat Mon 14-Sep-09 13:54:55

Not at the moment, but the same thing happened to me (very faint positive) and nine months later, along came DD.

So it sounds good to me - crossed fingers for you.

borriebear Mon 14-Sep-09 14:31:41

Yup same here...thought it was negative to start with but looked a little closer and now my ds is 14 weeks old!

Alibobster Mon 14-Sep-09 14:35:49

A positive is a positive. Could just be faint because it's early days. Sounds promising though - good luck x

thedollshouse Mon 14-Sep-09 14:39:05

As Alibobster says a positive is a positive.

When I tested after an implantation bleed I nearly put the test in the bin thinking it was negative as it was so faint. Tried a few days later but just the same. Then I bought a digital test and it came up with "pregnant" "conceived 1-2 weeks ago" No arguing with that!

wb Mon 14-Sep-09 14:54:24

My faint positive (so faint that dh maintained it was negative) is now 18mo and sitting on my lap with a really snotty cold. Congratulations.

As far as I understand it a positive is a positive, however faint, as long as it appears within 10 minutes (or whatever the time limit is on the instructions)- after that and it could be an evaporation mark.

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