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So I stopped taking my pill last night

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randomtask Mon 14-Sep-09 10:05:07

what should I expect?

How long has it taken people to have their first period and is it worse than a normal period?

I've been on a pill for 2 years that meant I didn't have periods so I can't really remember a lot about it.

We want me to have 2 periods before we start TTC.


kkas Mon 14-Sep-09 10:23:01

Hi - I stopped taking my pill last month - had a withdrawal bleed about 3 days later, and then started a period about 28 days after that. I expected that first period to be quite painful and heavy because that was how my periods were pre-pill. However, I have had absolutely no cramps and the flow has been quite average, although much more red than a withdrawal bleed.

I hear some have had really bad painful periods as first period post pill though. So I suppose it is different for everyone and probably depends on what pill you were taking.

Good luck TTC!

randomtask Mon 14-Sep-09 10:33:22

Thank you!

I've been on a mini pill so only one hormone. My sister had major problems coming off it but she had major problems on it too where as I haven't really noticed any effects.

So does that mean the first bleed isn't a period?

kkas Mon 14-Sep-09 10:38:29

From what I understand, the first bleed that tends to show up a few days after the last pill is not a proper period, just a withdrawal bleed that is triggered by the lack of hormones in your system.

I tend to think that the first proper period is the one that hopefully comes about a month after that.

I was on a combined pill and stopped mid pack because I had decided I didn't want to wait any longer to TTC. So it may be different than your situation. Not too sure? I am really no expert and would love to hear if anyone else has had any other experiences?

ImmaterialGirl Mon 14-Sep-09 10:51:41

Hi random

I was on the mini pill briefly but couldn't handle the strict regularity you had to take it with blush

The mini pill is very different from the combined (normal) pill in that whereas the combined pill stops you ovulating, the mini pill doesn't. It just makes your various bits more difficult for sperm and eggs to deal with
On the combined pill women usually have a withdrawal bleed every four weeks, and this is not a real period. But this won't apply to you.

You should be back to 'normal' pretty much 48 hours after stopping the mini pill. That's why you have to take it so bang-on regularly -it's not effective if you don't.

If your periods used to be regular before you went on the pill, they should be so again soon. I'd give it two months. If no period by then, speak to your GP.

randomtask Mon 14-Sep-09 10:56:09

Ah interesting. See I've had no bleed since being on the mini pill (two years) so does that mean I did stop ovulating too? I know that they changed the mini pill time rules (I can take it 12 hours late and it still works) so would that mean it's behaving like a combi pill now? Or does that just mean I've been lucky it stopped my periods and they'll now start up?

ImmaterialGirl Mon 14-Sep-09 11:07:03

Hmmm, I'm not an expert at all, but I'm pretty sure what defines the mini-pill is that it is progesterone-only (whereas the combined also uses oestrogen), and this is not something that will stop you ovulating. I didn't stop periods on the mini pill though, so not sure...

TBH, it might be worth it to book a preconception appointment with your GP straight away anyway. Just tell them that you've stopped taking the pill and are now planning to TTC.

This will be good for a lot of reasons -they can tell you what to expect with regards to periods returning, and probably explain why they've gone away. Pluss they can check up on other things like Rubella immunity and give you a smear test etc.

Will this be your first? Come and join us over on the first time frolickers thread if you want!

randomtask Mon 14-Sep-09 11:18:58

It will be my first time-I have a DSS aged 8 which is a whole 'nother emotional issue. Not enjoying the fact it won't be DH's first time being a Dad and sharing the experience. He tells me it'll be different as I'm very different from his first wife etc (she died when DSS was 3).

I went to the doctor (have dodgy blood so DH needed testing to check we wouldn't have ill children) got the rubella and had a smear at the Family Planning. As my pill comes from the FA they're probably the best people to see but when I asked, they just said 'have a period then you can start TTC'. They didn't even know the stuff my scientist sister knew.

The FA said the mini pill may give me constant periods or I may be one of the 'lucky few' who stops. I was lucky but am now worried!

ImmaterialGirl Mon 14-Sep-09 12:01:14

Aah, well in that case you're well prepared

I guess you'll just have to do what (sadly) TTC is so much about -wait and see... There's far too much waiting involved for my liking
But MN is good for feeding the obsession!

There will be others on here who have been in a similar situation that can give you their experience I'm sure!

I hope your period arrives swiftly!

randomtask Mon 14-Sep-09 12:07:52

Thank you!

I'm afraid TTC is not good for me really-the thing I'm worst at is patience and the thing I'm best at is worrying!

I've always been fine coming off pills in the past but haven't done a mini pill before.

Read about using Agnus something or other so might go and look for that. Ideally we want to start TTC in November so I'll see what the herbal man says.

ElusiveMoose Mon 14-Sep-09 13:07:25

I've come off the Pill twice now (combined not mini), once after 17 years blush and recently after about a year. Had the same experience both times: a longish (35 day) 'cycle', with no ovulation, that ended in a light period, then normal ovulatory cycles from then on. First time round I conceived in the first ovulatory cycle; this time round it's been about 4 months so far, but fingers crossed! HTH.

randomtask Mon 14-Sep-09 13:14:33

Thanks. When I was on the combi pill and stopped, I got my normal period within days but TBH, was not thinking of TTC so didn't take much notice of details IYSWIM.

Now of course I'm worrying, especially as I was on cerazette which I've discovered in the last 24 hours can cause big problems to your cycle.

Never ever google if you're worried!!

MermaidSpam Wed 23-Sep-09 00:14:18

randomtask - IKWYM. There are loads of stories about cerazette. I'm on it too

DuelingFanjo Wed 23-Sep-09 00:19:19

when I was on the mini pill (or rather when I came off it) I had a longer first cycle, about 5 days overdue and was so excited because I thought I was pregnant. My periods went back to normal pretty quickly after than though. I didn't have a withdrawral bleed. When I was on the mini pill I still got a 'period' every month.

TishTosh21 Sat 26-Sep-09 13:19:20

I came off the combi pill 3 weeks ago but have had no withdrawal bleed. Have been TTC since the day I came off it. Am going to wait til 4 weeks and if no period has come by then will do a pg test. So 6th Oct will be my testing day.

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