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Ok this topic confuses me & I want to join a group and meet people& find out what exactly you are all on about BUT....

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nymphadora Sat 12-Sep-09 21:00:03

I can't work out which one!
I am 30 ttc#3 but am with a new partner (and never actually tried for the other 2blush)

I have just stopped the pill after 2 years which I was on for endometrial hyperplasia rather than contraception so am worried that it may return!

GiraffeAHolic Sat 12-Sep-09 21:05:08

Hi, I don't know about joining groups, probably best to just jump in whenever a topic sounds familiar to you (or start your own )

I am 25, TTC#2, I have PCOS and it took 2 years to concieve DD.

Good luck

nymphadora Sat 12-Sep-09 21:07:10

Thanks, so far I have lurked on a few but just don't know what they are talking about blush

mummydemma Sat 12-Sep-09 21:38:05

Joining one of the buses is probably the best bet. If you are trying to conceive (TTC) right now, it will probably be the June bus that you join. Just post on the thread and ask someone to add your name and details to the list et voila! Then just chat away, let everyone know how you are doing from time to time and offer support and advice to others. You will need to add to the list your 'usual cycle length' (UCL), which baby you are TTC (#3 in your case) and the cycle day you are currently on (CD5 for example).

The other 'technical terms' and abbreviations will become clear as you go along, but if you aren't sure what someone means, just ask, must people are always happy to help.

HTH! smile

liahgen Sat 12-Sep-09 21:40:03

here we are on the June bus

nymphadora Sat 12-Sep-09 22:05:02

Thanks, just been lurking there! no idea on cycles etc though

liahgen Sat 12-Sep-09 22:23:58

how many months yuou been trying for? Thats cycle

which child? that's TTC# ?

UCL usual cycle length

which day of cycle.

come on over, someone will add you, (not me ,i'm crap at it )

we're a friendly bunch.

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