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2 1/2 weeks late 4 positive pregnancy tests but all faint lines.

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MummytoEli Sat 12-Sep-09 03:29:08

Hi all, I know this may sound silly but when i was 2 weeks late I did a preg test and it was negative then 3 days later I had a potsitve one so i have since done another 3 everyday after and are all still positive but still faint lines, the positve result is comming up straight away but just faint... is this normal?

shreksmissus Sat 12-Sep-09 03:48:11

Message withdrawn

MummytoEli Sat 12-Sep-09 04:01:22

Thanks so much i have an appointment with my GP next week. SO hopefully all goes well, the reason im concerned is because stupidly i googled "does a faint line on a preg test mean anything" and one page said it could mean week hcg so more chance of miscarriage I guess i just have to wait till i see the dr but like u say from have a neg then a pos it does look like they r rising fingers crossed

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