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Am I ovulating?????

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lulabelle Thu 10-Sep-09 20:02:43

This is the third day now where I have (I think) EWCM. On Tuesday I felt really dizzy and lightheaded then I noticed the EWCM. I have had this before but never so much and its really stretchy too.

Thing is, I have really irregular periods, ranging from 38 days to previous one which was 70+ days.

As I'm desperately TTC for #3 we have been bd'ing lots, however, I still have the EWCM but now I'm not sure if its sperm or not? Would it look the same? We did not bd since lunchtime yesterday but up until about an hour ago I still had EWCM but now its suddenly gone.

I'm not sure what is happening? Can anyone advise?

Thanks for reading.

lulabelle Thu 10-Sep-09 20:27:01

I've also had a constant headache and stabbing pains - never experienced before inside my vagina and ovaries, what is this?

Prinpo Thu 10-Sep-09 21:12:05

Hi, we're also ttc number 3 (feel just as desperate for a baby now as when we were going for our first!). Apols if tmi, but sperm and EWCM (not sure what that acronym actually stands for but I get the gist of it!) have a different consistency, the latter being more stringy. Sperm is just runny, not stringy at all (or at least dh's isn't!).

Irregular periods must be making it harder. Are you doing anything like fertility monitoring?

Headache and stabbing pains no idea, I'm afraid. Trip to docs or NHS Direct (who, of course, will tell you to go to doc!).

greenbeanie Thu 10-Sep-09 21:33:44

Lulabelle, my cycles sound very similar to yours. The 2 things I have found most helpful is a copy of "taking charge of your fertility" as it helps you to know when you are ovulating and if you have or not. The other thing I found helpful with irregular periods was acupuncture.

Good luck, I hopefully this was ovulation and you might be lucky smile

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 11-Sep-09 07:24:19


As your periods are very irregular it is likely you are not ovulating regularly if at all. Taking your temp daily in these circs would therefore be a waste of time; this is only of more benefit if cycles are regular.

You should consider having blood tests done to see what your hormone levels are like; these blood tests can be done on day 2 of the cycle or according to calendar days i.e the second of the month.

Common causes of hormonal problems which cause irregular cycles are thyroid imbalance and polycystic ovaries. Both can be checked for in blood tests.

Do visit your GP asap. If GP is unsure of cause of pains insist on a referral to a gynae.

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