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signs of pg..

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darlingbud Thu 02-Jun-05 21:58:22

I don't remember noticing any ovulation this month (mucus etc) and as we have only been ttc since beginning of the month is it possible to get pg so early? I am only on day 25 at the moment but my boobs are itchy around the nipples but my back and belly feel slightly pre menstrual so mixed signs.

Does everyone have mucus as a sign of ovulation? If not how will I know?

You wouldn't think I had a dd already would you but I have forgotten most of it!!

darlingbud Thu 02-Jun-05 22:13:02


why am such a threadkiller?

katierocket Thu 02-Jun-05 22:14:03

you don't always notice mucus, some people have hardly any.
PG signs and AF signs are unfortunately very similar

Nemo1977 Thu 02-Jun-05 22:14:48

dont think everyone has ewcm when ov
also it is possible to get pg straight away and then feel u r
with this pg i knew 2 days past ov..and i only knew i ovd cos i used opk for the first time.

darlingbud Thu 02-Jun-05 22:16:05

thanks - I guess I will just have to wait. I did get a feeling a week ago that I was pg but then I thought it might just be hope so not hinged much on that feeling.

katierocket Thu 02-Jun-05 22:17:59

might be darlingbud but best not to get too hung up about it.
I'm an old cynic as have been ttc #2 for 12 months (first time was straight away). Can't tell you the number of times I was 'sure' I was PG.
good luck

darlingbud Thu 02-Jun-05 22:22:10

I was adamant that I wouldn't concentrate too hard on TTC as I became a bit obsessive last time. I just said I would relax & let it happen this time but I just find it does dominate many of my thoughts.

darlingbud Fri 03-Jun-05 10:10:07

no this am it is defo pre menstral stomach feelings although nothing appeared yet (day 26)

Trix1 Fri 03-Jun-05 14:58:59

Its so hard not to get obsessive about it - I was 4/5 days last week with af and ended up doing 6 tests (yes 6) how obsessive is that then. I have told my self that I am not going to be as obsessive this month and already I am on day 6 surfing all the threads looking for tips on ttc its easier said than done.

darlingbud Sat 04-Jun-05 14:30:36

oh well af turned up last night

darlingbud Sat 04-Jun-05 17:50:50

god this is te first af since stopping pill and its really heavy - forgot how painful they were.

back ache
belly ache

meant to be going ut for thai tonight aswell!! Could just do with snugling up under covers with hot water bottle and paracetamol.

Trix1 Sun 05-Jun-05 18:24:56

Well DB looks like you too will be expecting a March baby now. Fingers crossed.

MommyD Mon 06-Jun-05 13:20:56

Yes it is possible to get pg so soon- I fell pg three times. With pg2 and pg3 it was the first month of trying. With pg3 I KNEW I was pg a week before my period was due since my nipples were unbearably itchy!! I had really bad period pains (front and lower back) and cramping exactly a week after ovulation with two if my three pregnancies.

MommyD Mon 06-Jun-05 13:21:51

...sorry didn't read all posts. doh.

chleo Fri 17-Jun-05 18:48:45

hi new on ere i had my marina coil out on the 17 june iam 3 weeks late did test on monday said neg but still trying fingers crossted

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