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What is going on?

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oxcat1 Thu 10-Sep-09 10:28:38

I BD obsessively throughout August and my period was due on 26th. I had slight spotting on the 24th, but absolutely nothing since. I have now taken 4 pregnancy tests, but nothing. I have no symptoms at all, just a missing period!

The tests I've taken are only the ebay cheapy things, but from what I've read on here they are pretty reliable.

The other complication is that last week I was in hospital with a collapsed lung (!). I had 2 chest x-rays within 24 hours, with another one scheduled for this week and potentially also the week after. I didn't say anything as I keep getting BFN, but now I'm getting paranoid.

Is it worth spending £7 on an expensive test, or do you think a negative is a negative? Presumably being so ill could have knocked my periods anyway?

oxcat1 Thu 10-Sep-09 11:52:56


Any thoughts? Are these cheap tests reliable?

I sort of hope they are right given all the x-rays I've had in the last week.....

beanieb Thu 10-Sep-09 11:56:16

Hi there. I think the cheap tests are just as reliable and infact the clearblue digitals might not be as good.

How long have you been trying for and is there anything earlier in the month which could have delayed your period/ovulation?

It might be that you just didn't ovulate this month or that you are one of those people who take ages to get a positive test.

I would try not to worry about the x-rays.

Might be worth going to see the doctor and asking them for a test?

oxcat1 Thu 10-Sep-09 12:08:01

Thanks Beanieb.

Have been having unprotected sex in a very casual 'we'll see' way for about 4 months, but only actually tried properly throughout August.

My period isn't really that regular to begin with, and I suppose I wouldn't normally be that bothered by being this late, but it's jsut that I know what I got up to in August, so I can't shake it out of my mind.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 10-Sep-09 14:14:12


I would not be restesting in your circumstances. Seeing repeated negatives as well can be very disheartening as much as anything else.

If 4 tests all showed a negative result then I would assume this was accurate.

If your periods are generally irregular in nature it is worth having blood tests done to see what your hormone levels are like. You should have blood tests on day 2 and 21 of the cycle (these can also be done according to calendar days).

Common causes of such problems include a condition called polycystic ovaries and thyroid imbalance. Both should be checked for.

oxcat1 Sat 19-Sep-09 15:56:11


More advice please! Sorry to keep going on about this, but I'm now even more confused!

I was good, and took Attila's advice and didn't test again until yesterday when I could bear it no longer. It was a Clear Blue digital test, and it read negative, although it was at about 4pm. I mentioned my problems to a close friend, who is a GP, and she bought home one of the tests they use at hte surgery. When I did the test first thing this morning, I tested positive! I'm now so confused. My last period started on 26 July, and nothing since. I did have slight spotting at the end of August - thought it was my period starting but it stopped almost instantly.

I have no symptoms of being pregnant really. What could it be? Do you think I've conceived but it's not 'taken'?

What are the next steps? Since I've had all these negatives, I've taken pain-killers, drunk the odd glasss of wine, had x-rays etc etc.

Aaaaggggghhh! Please help!

TishTosh21 Sat 19-Sep-09 17:26:22

Hi oxcat, it is usual to get spotting in the early days of pg as this is when the egg is implanted in the womb and can "shake up" the womb lining causing the spotting.
The docs test would be the most accurate in my opinion and first thing in the morning is also the best time to do it aswell.
If your still unsure, wait a week and then do another shop bought test again first thing in the morning, if this is pos then i would say you are pg, if its neg then i would shimmy your way down to the docs and discuss it with them.
Also the odd glass of wine is by no means a bad thing! try not to excessively drink as this can harm the baby's deleopment. If you have any x-rays in the near future, tell them you may be pg and they could give you more options. Again for pain killers, its not the end of the world but try not to take them again in the near future if your worried.
All this can be talked over with a doc if you decide to go and see one.
Hope my v lengthy comment helps, or at least put your mind at ease!

oxcat1 Sat 19-Sep-09 18:19:26

Thank you so much Tish.

I'm just confused. I feel like if I am pregnant then I've given this LO absolutely the worst possible start. I am more to have more x-rays this week to check the lung is still up, but I'll see if I can postpone until I know more.

I'm jsut to confused because it was only yesterday that I got a negative. I wonder if I'm about to miscarry or something?

Thanks again!

oxcat1 Sat 19-Sep-09 18:31:24

My last period started on July 26th, so in theory I would be nearly 7 weeks pregnant (although I couldn't have conceived until nearer 4/5 weeks). Should the levels be high enough now to test positive at whatever time of day?

I know I'm worrying obsessively. DH has told me to put it out of my mind until we can find out more, but struggling!

TishTosh21 Sat 19-Sep-09 18:43:32

Technically the more pg you are the better the test can detect the hormone so yes you can test at any time of the day but in the morning you urine is more concentrated so it will be able to detect the hormone easier.
If you are seriously stressing out about it go to the docs and ask for an ultrasound. That will def determine if you are pg or not. i dont think the doc can act refuse to give u one so maybe that is your best option atm?
I know what you mean though, when you have something in your head like this it just wont go away, im exactly the same. We are trying to concieve atm and every day im thinking has it happened yet? so i know what its like to stress out about these things!

oxcat1 Sun 20-Sep-09 09:20:57

The thing that complicates this even more is that I'm currently away from home, and not back until Friday. In the meantime I'm meant to be having another chest x-ray, plus I'm also taking regular prescribed medication. I've tried to drop as many pills as I can safely, but clearly this is a risky business as getting ill would put both myself and a pregnancy (if there is one) at risk.

Do you think an Early Pregnancy Unit would see me? And if so, do I just turn up or would I need a GP referral?

TishTosh21 Sun 20-Sep-09 09:36:45

When you go for your xray tell them there is a posibility you may be pg. They might offer advice or refer you to see someone.
When it comes to the EPU, women are usually referred there with suspected miscarriages, so you will prob need to see your gp first to get a referral, but saying that your gp may be able to help you themselves which would save you time and anxiety.
If the gp suspects anything out of the ordinary they may refer you to the EPU anyway.
The medication your taking, did they come with a leaflet? This might tell you if they are potentially dangerous to take while pg. I still think your best option is to get down to the docs as soon as you can just to get some answers.

oxcat1 Sun 20-Sep-09 09:58:40

Most of the medication says don't take during pregnancy. I asked my friend the GP to look in her BNF about what the official advice is, and they're pretty much all listed as 'try to avoid during pregnancy'.

I won't be able to see my GP until Friday at the earliest, but it looks like that is my best option. I just wanted some definitive answer about whether or not I'm pregnant as I'm going mad with all the possibilities.

Thanks again.

TishTosh21 Sun 20-Sep-09 10:04:01

Medications say to avoid during preg because no official test can be carried out using a new drug on a preg woman for legal reasons. Therefore they have to put warnings on all medications, even thrush cream!
As soon as you return on fri i would get yourself down the docs for a definitive answer otherwise you'll be going out your mind with worry. I know fri seems a long way off but it will come round quicker than you expect you just need to try and think about other things.
Will be keeping an eye out for any good news you have!
Good luck

oxcat1 Sun 20-Sep-09 10:07:09

Thanks so much Tish. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you too...

TishTosh21 Wed 23-Sep-09 09:48:22

Hello oxcat, I know its only wed but wondered if you had any news yet?? done anymore tests, had an epiphany?! x

oxcat1 Wed 23-Sep-09 11:49:02

Hi Tish - thanks for checking in on me!

Yes, I'm afraid I did do another test, and it was negative. From what I understand, if this was likely to be a successful pregnancy, there should be no way of getting negative results now. So... looks like it's bad news one way or another.

I've arranged to come home a day early, and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon so then I should find out something.

Still no period, but still no unmistakeable signs of pregnancy either. I should have had another chest x-ray yesterday but I postponed it until next week when I should know, one way or antoher.

Thanks Tish!

TishTosh21 Wed 23-Sep-09 12:20:41

That is v strange to be getting neg result but no period too. Am glad your going to docs 2mo, hope you get some answers even if they're not what u want to hear. You never know tho you could get a nice surprise.

Im planning on doing a test this weekend as i have become suspicious that i may be pg but will have to wait and see!

Let me know how you get on at docs if its not too upsetting or personal to post on here, ill understand if you dont want to, but would be nice to know how your doing generally.

Good luck!

oxcat1 Thu 24-Sep-09 17:39:19

Hi Tish (and anybody else following my saga),

I saw the doctor this afternoon. The test she did in the surgery was negative.

She suggested the best thing to do was to wait another week and then test again. However, when I explained about having to have another x-ray next week, plus possibly IV antibiotics (I have a condition like cystic fibrosis), she agreed that that complicated things a bit, so she is trying to organise a scan at the Early Pregnancy unit. Unfortunately she couldn't get through while I was with her, and she was going to call me back once she had done, but as yet no message.

So, I may have been pregnant and it is just possible, although very unlikely, that I still am. I may have been pregnant and I've lost it. Or the postive could have been a mistake.

I thought that positive results were rarely mistakes? It wasn't just a pale line, but a very definite one that I showed to my GP friend who agreed it was clearly positive.

Anyway, no clear answer, but at least I've spoken to somebody about it.

Suppose I get offered a scan for Monday, and my period starts, do I still go? I didn't get a chance to ask these questions of the GP.

Feel deflated, but suppose that's inevitable. I never really expected a good answer.

Fingers crossed for better news for you,


TishTosh21 Thu 24-Sep-09 20:55:04

Hi oxcat,

Yeah i can imagine that was a bit disheartening. Yes it is extremely rare that you get a false positive but saying that it isnt impossible. It could be that you were pg and lost it, therefore the scan should tell u that.

If your period does come by monday then call the docs asap, if you have the number for the EPU then you could call them and they will advise you what to do, you might still need to go in to see if its a miscarriage.

I've got to wait another week to test because ive been asking around and apparently 3 weeks after coming off the pill is too early to test!
Looks like we're both playing that waiting game now. Not much fun is it?
Do you feel a bit better after visiting the doc tho?

Keep me updated with any news you have, as will I. x

oxcat1 Fri 25-Sep-09 17:17:58

It was organised instead for me to have a blood test today so I should find out the results in a few days or so.

The doctor I saw yesterday said that it would be extremely unlikely for my levels to have fallen sufficiently to get a negative on Thursday if I'd had a positive on Saturday, so she thought the positive was probably a mistake.

I've added a photo of the positive to my profile - taken 24 hours later so already slightly faded. It seems unmistakeable but it appears that I did somehow get a false positive, despite everybody saying it isn't possible.

Just feeling numb at the moment. This was not how I imagine things would be. Hopefully another time everything will be more straightforward.

Keeping everything crossed for you.

TishTosh21 Fri 25-Sep-09 19:31:24

what is the blood test for?
It is strange you got a false pos though, i wasnt even sure that was possible.
Im guessing your AF hasnt come yet either?
I think i would feel the same if that happened to me too. I feel for you.
Thanks will keep you updated on any news. x

oxcat1 Fri 25-Sep-09 19:49:29

No, no AF yet.

They've taken a blood test to measure the HCG levels, to see if there was any indication that I'd been pregnant.

The doctor yesterday did say that usually she's just advise me to wait another week and test again, but because of my medical problems we need an answer now really.

The hospital will no longer run blood tests without a specific consultant request as they say urine tests are so reliable that there is no need, and I think the EPU must have said no to the scan as there was no further talk of that.

Everything I read tells me that false positives aren't possible, but it does look positive (I think?), and yet it was definitely negative by Tuesday when I couldn't wait any longer, or Thursday when the doctor did it, so who knows.

Nothing seems to be simple.

Thinking fo you.

rainbowdays Fri 25-Sep-09 20:19:45

Hate to say this but there have been a batch of doctors tests that have given false positives. So it is probrable that your test was one of those since all the other urine tests were negative.

Likelyhood is that you were not and are not pregnant. It is often on this site that you hear of people skipping a period, happens quite often actally. So I expect it is just that with you. However having said that it is also possible to be pregnant and have negative tests, there have even been people reporting negative blood tests and been pregnant but this is very unusual.

Anyway I hope you get your answer soon.

TishTosh21 Sat 26-Sep-09 08:07:21

oh i see so all will be revealed in a few days as to whats going on then.
If it turns out you arent and never were pg are you going to keep trying or wait a while?
Also false pos ARE possible just vvv rare.
If you read the instructions on a preg test it says on there that they are.

Anyway i think you just now need to wait and see what the blood test result is because that should hopefully clear everything up and you can start to think about things more clearly.

Also I had a dream last night, (some people say vivid dreams are a sign of pg) and in it i had a baby, prob about 6 months old, then my AF came (in the dream not real life) so im still in 2 minds about which way this will go!!

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