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Pills 'n' potions - come tell me what you all take!

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ClaireDeLoon Wed 09-Sep-09 14:38:16

Basicially what do you take to help you conceive and why (as in what it is meant to do). What about DP/H's?

I only take folic acid and DP takes zinc on a very irregular basis but I feel a raid on boots coming on. What does agnus castus do?

btw I mean non-prescription supplements, not the likes of clomid etc

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 09-Sep-09 15:54:53

No need to raid Boots.

What you are taking is fine and you do not need to take anything more than that. Have sex when you both feel like it and do not go down the route of timing of intercourse.

Do not self medicate with Agnus Castus; this can actually make any underlying hormonal imbalance worse.

Would keep a watch on your cycles. If they are irregular in nature then visit your GP sooner rather than later. If they change markedly over time in terms of either pain, frequency (in that they lengthen), bleeding between periods or heaviness again visit the GP sooner rather than later.

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