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Reliability of tests / Can I really be pregnant?!

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GillianLovesMarmite Tue 08-Sep-09 21:00:37

Hi mumsnetters,

I just need some opinions. I've spent the past 2-3 weeks thinking I've had a water infection (going to the loo lots - differences in quantity/pressure etc) and have tests at the doctors and one course of antibiotics - to no avail - still the same problem.

Today I had convinced myself I must have diabetes (going to the loo lots, overweight, 25-40 age, PCOS) and so managed to get another dr's appointment for them to do some more tests for my sugar levels etc as they were as confused as I was about this.

However, the Dr also dipped a pregnancy test - 'just in case' and it was positive, and then she did another just to check, and that was positive too.

Which is great as we were going to start trying for another baby at Christmas... I am still breastfeeding ds1 (who is 19 months) and we have been using the persona machine to determine fertile/non fertile days to id my pattern for the post christmas trying AND condoms on red days and the diaphram (recently fitted, and correctly used with spermicide and not taken out until the appropriate time had elapsed...), plus (and this may be TMI) DH has not blush erm... 'finished' inside me. So we thought with all things considered we'd been reasonably careful.

So, when we got home I did 4 cheapie tests (the dipstick ones from the £1 shop which detected I was preg with DS1 before any other) and 1 clearblue test - all negative.

I have the hcg blood test at the dr's in the morning, but am still in a state of (happy) disbelief and wondered what other people thought.

I just figured as I have PCOS and it took 6 months to get pregnant for DS1 that we'd be in for a long old time of BD, wait, test, test, test... etc again!

Let me know what you think - esp re the tests!


taytotayto Tue 08-Sep-09 21:39:52

i am a nurse and work at a gp's. their tests are usually very accurate and to the same high quality as clearblue etc tests you can buy, id be really really surprised to find out your not pregnant after having two positives at the gp's. i hope to god you are pregnant, i too have pcos and am trying for a baby so i know what its like. good luck and let us know. x

GillianLovesMarmite Tue 08-Sep-09 21:45:34

Thanks for that! I was just wondering whether the tests at the doctors were 10mu as the ones I have here are 25mu... I'm having my blood done in the morning and so should have it confirmed by the afternoon... We're really pleased, but in a state of disbelief as we thought we were being careful!!!
I wish you well with your trying. We were lucky in a sense with DS1 as we didn't know I had pcos until we'd had him and the consultant commented on my ovaries... hence why we're even more suprised if I am pregnant!

GillianLovesMarmite Wed 09-Sep-09 21:03:46

I still don't know as although my really lovely doctors squeezed me in for a blood test this morning the results wont be back until tomorrow morning...
However 4am home test - negative
2 tests at doctors - negative (1 from the same batch of tests as were positive yesterday and 1 from a different batch)
1 home test this evening - negative...
Watch this space...

GillianLovesMarmite Thu 10-Sep-09 18:47:42

Blood test negative - we hadn't really thought it was possible, but the 2 positive tests at the dr's raised our hopes, but the turned out to be false positives. We were just pleased that we got the faulty ones as we hadn't been trying and weren't expecting a positive result - rather than someone who was really waiting for a positive. The doctors have now disposed of the rest of the batch and informed the manufacturers.

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