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Just looking for some advice

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dawntigga Tue 08-Sep-09 13:29:59

there are a couple who live on our street - I think they are in their late 20's early 30's - who will be taking their first cycle of IVF towards the end of the month. I know them, but not well, would it be ok for me to send a good luck card? I don't want to upset them but I know how much, I'll call her X, would like a baby and I'm keeping everything crossed for them. Or do you think they'd find it offensive?


belgo Tue 08-Sep-09 13:36:08

I wouldn't. It might make them feel even more pressured if they know people are thinking about them and their fertility treatment.

Ladyemmalou83 Tue 08-Sep-09 13:43:39

Its really lovely that you care, but I probably wouldnt send one. I think they could be feeling the pressure as it is, and having a card could remind them of it.

It is a lovely thought though

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