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Irregular cycles are now regular!! Anyone else had this???

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Nancy10 Mon 07-Sep-09 14:26:27

My periods have always been very irregular. I have only had 3 maybe 4 periods per year. This made having a baby a bit complicated. I did have a baby girl in 2004 after ttc for about 18 months. She was eventually conceived
using clomid. I have always wanted a second baby but because of my periods have been put off the idea. It's the constant trying and being disappointed month after month.
So my dh decided to count out blessings and be happy with our little girl.
However I had a period in April, a period in July and exactly 28 days late in August. If I have a period exactly 28 days after my last it means I am ovulating around about now and I'm showing signs both now and last month and the one before. So we have gone for it every other night in the baby making department. And are hoping we'll get pregnant. Has anyone else become regular after having irregular cycles?

2ndDestiny Mon 07-Sep-09 18:06:53

Hi Nancy
I have PCOS (common cause of irregular cycles) and although my cycles are usually regular (but disappeared for a few months earlier this year) I've chatted with lots of other PCOSers and heard that this can sometimes happen after having a successful pregnancy. For some women with irregular cycles/PCOS it can also happen as they get older. Or it can be down to a bit of weight loss, healthier eating and so on. Anyway it sounds like very good news so good luck with ttc no.2

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