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Newly irregular periods whilst ttc - bit of info needed

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Prinpo Mon 07-Sep-09 10:08:26

My periods have always been as regular as clockwork (28 day cycle) until about the last year and a half, during which time we've been ttc number 3. First two pregnancies happened very easily and this time round I did get pregnant but only after about 10 months. I mc at 11wks and we're now about 4 months into trying again. My cycle seems to vary between 25 - 30 days and, although I can feel all the signs of ovulation, my ov test stick is showing nothing. Any ideas on why I might have become irregular and whether I can find out for sure whether I'm even ovulating? I'm 38 btw (so hope I'm not heading into menopause sad).

Mouette Mon 07-Sep-09 11:11:29

After a mc it can take a few months for the cycles to resume. You can find out if you're ovulating by doing a blood test - ask your GP about it. All the best x

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