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Has anyone else had odd cycles on Micronor?

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boundarybabe Mon 07-Sep-09 09:36:27

I was on Cilest for about 9 years before I started suffering with headaches - my GP changed me to Micronor, but I was only on that for a couple of months before coming of to TTC DS. I have been back on it since DS was about 6 weeks when AF came back, but it seems to playing havoc with my cycle. I now that's kind of the point but was wondering what effects others had noticed? The first couple of months my period was on time but heavier than usual, this month I think it was a couple of weeks late (but can't remember when the last one was so not sure!), and a week before I came on I had period pains a tiny smear of brown blood (I actuially did a pg test after that just in case). Then when AF did arrive it was heavier again and quite painful.

Anyone else noticed the same n this pill? DS is only 6 months so I suppose it could be my body settling down still. PS am not BF.

Mouette Mon 07-Sep-09 11:09:28

I started taking Micronor after the birth of DS last April and yes, my periods were all over the place to begin with - no period for a long time, then bleeding for a couple of weeks... Seems to be settling down now, but the leaflet does say periods can be irregular at first. xx

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