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Early triphasic pattern??

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ElusiveMoose Mon 07-Sep-09 08:50:29

Just doing a bit of symptom spotting while TTC2...

Ok, so I have a slightly odd cycle in that I ovulate around CD19/20 and have just a 7-8 day luteal phase (confirmed by clear charts and OPK results). Been TTC2 for 3 months, and this month I got a significant second temp shift on 5DPO. Now on 7DPO and this second shift has continued. Just looked back at my other pregnancy cycle from when I conceived DS three years ago, and I had the same temp shift at 5DPO. BUT, fertilityfriend only counts a second temp shift as a triphasic pattern if it occurs after CD7, I think because this is the earliest that implantation tends to happen.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced an early triphasic shift in conception cycles? And wondering if it's possible that my short LP means that everything happens early with me?

Obviously got my fingers crossed that the temp shift means something this month!!

Divvy Mon 07-Sep-09 08:57:12

FF count it after 10 dpo and not before. As you have been charting for a few months you now know your pattern, and it sounds like a good sign for you grin

londonlottie Mon 07-Sep-09 09:16:27

Message withdrawn

ElusiveMoose Mon 07-Sep-09 10:51:23

Thanks for your answers. Given that my AF would normally start today or tomorrow, I might do a cheeky test on Weds if it hasn't come yet, just to see...

londonlottie, the weird thing is that on my last (and only) pregnancy chart, I got a sustained second temp rise from 5-9 DPO, then a sharp one day dip (implantation dip?), then back up to the level it was at around 4DPO. So goodness knows what caused the second temp rise, as it looks like implantation didn't happen until day 9 or 10 - I'm just hoping that whatever caused it last time is causing it again this time grin.

Thanks for the tip on B6. I only read about this in the last couple of weeks, because I hadn't realised that such a short luteal phase could be a problem (I conceived second month of trying with DS). It's almost like whatever caused the second thermal shift somehow told my AF not to come IYSWIM (but hey, I'm no scientist!!). But if I turn out not to be pg this month, I'll definitey try B6 next month.

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