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Mummygoesohh Sun 06-Sep-09 23:44:32

Hoping for some advice.
DS is nearly 3, he just happened... one of life's happy accidents!Oh, and proof that antibiotics really do stop the pill working!

We want another baby and are about to TTC #2.

I am 39, and currently have a Mirena. So, time is not really on our side.

Should i be making appointments with my GP about having the thing whipped out, or do i just go for it?
Should i be having any preconception tests? I had aenemia when preg with DS.

Does having a MIrena removed hurt? Any after pains?

Sorry, lot of questions.....

Twinsmommy Mon 07-Sep-09 13:16:52

Sorry to sound so dumb - but isn't the first thing you need to do: get the Mirena taken out? Not too sure what you mean by "Do I just go for it?"

Mummygoesohh Tue 08-Sep-09 00:20:57

sorry, i meant do i hv to see the dr first, or just make an appointment to have it whipped out?

Twinsmommy Tue 08-Sep-09 10:59:32

Personally, if you're seriously TTC, I would just make an appointment and get it taken out. If you fell unexpectedly first time round, I can't see why you would foresee any problems second time!

I have a coil fitted myself. I can only guess that removal of one would probably be the same as putting one in - some people say it's very painful, I, on the other, didn't have much discomfort at all. That being said though, I had just had twin boys naturally, so my cervix was probably a little more pliable!!!!!!!

I was on iron tablets throughout my pregnancy - the strain of carrying two they said!!!

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