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False Positive with Clear Blue +/- with pink tip?

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YoureInMySystemBaby Sat 05-Sep-09 20:08:38


I'm on CD 23 11DPO..

Well, I took a clear blue test today as the name suggests..

I'll first start by saying I would have bought a first response BUT they were £9.95 for a single test @ Lloyds Pharmacy and I KNOW you can buy double tests cheaper than that - that and I only had £7.02 on my person at the time LOL so I went for the Clear Blue Easy AGAINST my better judgement..

I ABSOLUTE HATE HATE HATE blue dye tests and I think if you get a faint it's always really dubious because of how notorious they are for evaps and making the distinction between light blue and grey - whereas with pink dye, there's no doubt..

Aaaanyway, I digress.. I took the test and within the time frame I got what appeared to be a faint positive.. I think!!!

Here is a link to my test - it's out of the plastic casing.. I took this when the test was 25 minutes old, but it was there before the 10 minute mark..

I know CB have TERRIBLE reputations for false positives and coloured evap lines, but what do you all think? I also read that it was only the OLD CB tests that dont have the pink tip that are bad for evaps, but the new pink tipped ones are ok?

Any input would be greatly appreciated...

MrsHappy Sat 05-Sep-09 22:20:11

Oooh, I don't know.

I do see a line, but was it on the left-hand edge of where the positive line should be? I had one like that a few times (and very thin - like a hair) and CB told me that they are not how positives should look. The line should be full thickness iirc (it was a while ago so there might have been some other reason why they thought it was a faulty test).

What does your gut tell you? That time I felt sure I was not pg, hence my very irate phone call to CB, but what do you feel?

FWIW, even if that test was faulty and does not look how CB think it should, you could still be pregnant...

YoureInMySystemBaby Sat 05-Sep-09 22:29:45

Yep - I mean if you see it in person, a whole thick line is there, it's just really faint all over with that really fine noticeably blue line to the lefthand side of where it starts...

I'm not entirely sure what my instinct tells me - I was counting on the test to help me out a little bit and decide for sure...

Ah well, I'll just have to wait until Monday when I have some pink dye tests arriving which are by far easier to read - even a faint line is noticeably pink whereas a faint blue line is hard to distinguish from a grey evap - and then of course that obvious blue hair line..


MrsHappy Sat 05-Sep-09 22:39:50

Well if it is a thick line that arrived in 10 minutes then I vote that is a positive. And if not you really should complain to CB...

Divvy Sun 06-Sep-09 07:28:13

I think that is a BFP! I got my BFP yesterday as well on CD 23, 11 DPO on a tesco own brand test grin They are pink dye tests, and are 2 for £4something.

Congratulations! grin xx

theroseofwait Sun 06-Sep-09 11:06:38

Just to let you know that although I can't see the link, the stronger line on the left is exactly what I had with a CB at 4+1. I've just seen the result on a scan! Fingers crossed for you!

hoops997 Sun 06-Sep-09 13:55:06

I vote BFP, congratulations grin

Disenchanted3 Sun 06-Sep-09 13:57:19

Anothe BFP vote here

YoureInMySystemBaby Sun 06-Sep-09 16:02:33

Well ladies, I just tested today, with a sensitive pink dye test and BFN.. I HATE Clearblue!!! angrysad

pucca Sun 06-Sep-09 16:03:56

I have had this, it is def a evap line sad


YoureInMySystemBaby Sun 06-Sep-09 16:08:08

The only reason i thought it WASNT an evap is because it was there BEFORE ten minutes were up - it was there 3-5 minutes! Still though, tested today and no doubt in my mind, BFN thanks ladies :]

MrsHappy Sun 06-Sep-09 17:11:20

Please call CB and complain. I find it astonishing that they are so unable to manufacture a decent non-digital test. But then maybe it is part of a sneaky plan to get us all to spring for digitals instead... wink

YoureInMySystemBaby Sun 06-Sep-09 17:45:25

I definitely am going to call thema nd provide pictures of the result I recieved... Honestly, I'm so disappointed, really thought I'd get a BFP today - even though I was feigning disbelief it was a faint BFP in the first place.. Oh well - here's to next month!

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