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How far in advance would you 'prep' your body for TTC?

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boundarybabe Sat 05-Sep-09 15:13:47

DH and I have been discussing TTC no2 (DS is 6 months but we'd like a small gap). I am still on the pill at present but I got pg 6 weeks after coming off it last time (after approx 9 years on being on it) and have obv not been on it that long this time. I am not BF anymore. We are looking at TTC within the next 6 months (sooner if I get my way! grin) - is it worth starting to take folic acid or anything? I hardly drink, don't smoke and eat reasonably healthily. Is there anything else I can do? Am so broody, it would be nice to feel I was doing something constructive IYSWIM.

Northernlurker Sat 05-Sep-09 15:18:06

You might as well start on the folic acid. It won't do you any harm and there seems to be increasing evidence that taking it before conceiving is important. Then if you do chuck the pills away all of a sudden you'll be good to go. Also work on your pelvic floor grin

Heated Sat 05-Sep-09 15:19:50

The latest advice is for all women of childbearing age to take folic acid, whether ttc or not, given recent spate of CP in babies in Scotland, so it would do no harm iwt.

KnickersandVests Sat 05-Sep-09 15:37:01

We are planning on TTC in the new year and I am taking folic acid now after reading this excerpt from patient uk-

"Ideally, start taking folic acid tablets before becoming pregnant. The common advice is to start from the time you plan to become pregnant. If the pregnancy is unplanned then start taking folic acid tablets as soon as you know that you are pregnant.

However, a recent study looked at the effect of taking folic acid for a year prior to becoming pregnant. This study looked at the effect folic acid had on reducing preterm labour and delivery of the baby (that is, of having a 'prem' baby). The study found a significant decrease in the rate of preterm delivery for women who took folic acid for one year prior to becoming pregnant. So, you may wish to consider taking folic acid tablets well before you plan to become pregnant."

So start taking them now, they can't hurt you smile

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