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Anyone ttc for the first month? Have just discovered the obsession that is symtom spotting......

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nymphadora Sat 05-Sep-09 08:06:27

Been lurking on ttc threads and now we have actually started I am desperate to test!

No idea of cycle cos I have just come of the pill but the little stick said I was ovulating last weekend and we had lots of sex so now I am trying to restrain myself!

nicknameunavailable Sat 05-Sep-09 12:43:08

Hi Nymphadora, my adivce is based on the madness that came from testing 'early' with those oh so clever but actually really terrible pregnancy tests. I conceived after trying for 4 months, tested 3 days early, and had a 'miscarriage' 2 days after my period was 'due' which was devastating. despite being so early i hadn't really considered the reality of having a confirmed pregnancy and then loosing it. second pregnancy tested early 5 days before period due and then lost it 10 days later. then spent 15 months trying to get conceive agin 7 of the months were a totaly nightmare due to the fact that i was manically testing sometimes even earlier than the earliest possible day (6 dyas before). i became totaly irrational, not believeing the test if it was negative and buying more, insisting on the digital ones because the others can be misinterpreted, spending a fortune and keeping myself on a roller coaster of emotions until my period would fianlly arrive. My compulsive testing was so disruptive (not able to sleep and or waking up really early so i could use the first urine of the day) that in the end my partner and i went to Relate to address the issue. they were brilliant and i stopped early testing completely, if you are pregnant you'll find out soon enough anyway and you'll give yourself some breating space. As soon as you become pregnant you'll probably be a manic knicker and symptom checker anyway! All totaly understandable and completly pointless because there is nothing anyone can do to prevent a miscarriage in the first 12 weeks (in a healthy woman). my advice don't get into the cycle of early testing, just wait until a few days after your period us due on the longest cycle that you're likely to have. good luck x

nicknameunavailable Sat 05-Sep-09 12:45:57

sorry just to add iam now 6 weeks pregnant and mad as a bag of frogs at many points during the day and trying really hard to not become a copulsive knicker checker! in my normal life i'm not like this - honest! also sorry about the spelling, i am dyslexic

nymphadora Sat 05-Sep-09 13:32:42


skihorse Sat 05-Sep-09 17:45:57

nickname What an outstanding post!

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