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different readings from different preg tests?

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desperatehousewife Wed 01-Jun-05 16:44:09

did you ever get a neg with one brand of preg test and then suddenly get a pos with a different brand?

006 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:10:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pamina3 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:12:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xena Wed 01-Jun-05 17:12:16

Yep I first tested with a cheap one from ebay and then tested with clear blue and it was pos

desperatehousewife Wed 01-Jun-05 17:13:29

no, just got another BFN. Really peed off.

jessicasmummy Wed 01-Jun-05 17:14:47

cheaper ones are better ime!

munz Thu 02-Jun-05 07:54:39

same here hon, I tested now 4 times, (3 with the cheapo ones from ebay) - 2 BFP's and one BFN (not even an evap line) and last night tried a CB test which was also a BFN - so what's a girl to think?

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 08:39:18

how annoying! Well if you/ve had a positive, then you are surely?

munz Thu 02-Jun-05 08:40:19

I don't know, 2 and 2 DH seems to think we are for def cos I'm never late (and am currently 5 days late)

how r u coming along?

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 08:41:59

oh you must be munz - I think a positive is a positive is a positive! I don't think you can get false positives. Congrats! How do you feel?

I still have no AF. All very odd. Not sure if I'm 1, 2 or 3 days late! Not sure I can bear to do another test today (CB was neg yesterday) maybe I should wait until tomorrow?

bigdonna Thu 02-Jun-05 08:47:53

if you have a positive u have to be pregnant as there is a hormone in your wee if you were not pregnant you could not possibly get a positive.

munz Thu 02-Jun-05 08:53:34

well monday I was bouncing about I was sooooo excited! tuesday I was normal (disbelief I think) weds I was worrying as a BFN, also crying and feelin generally hormonal and today stressed! have a v sore back and all other mannor of aches and pains. still little beanie seems to be listening to it's mummy and staying put! i'll be happier once we have confirmation from the DR thou I think.

DH - we'll wait till sat and test together what do u say?

hotmama1 Thu 02-Jun-05 09:00:20

I did a post last week asking anyone had a negative pregnancy test but were really pregnant - seems a lot!

I did two clearblue digital that were negative and then a normal clearblue one that was positive and now confirmed by the doc - hence I am now part of the due in Jan 06 thread - but as dd was 9 days late will probably be in the Feb 06 postnatal group.

I did 4 tests with dd - as I couldn't believe that I was pregnant - all positive and made no difference if they were supermarket own brands or a 'named' brand.

I think the general guidance is that a negative result can be wrong but a positive result is basically that - so if you have a positive result then join the Jan/Feb 06 threads.

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 09:08:18

munz - not sure i can wait til saturday...omg! i'll give it a go...but i think tomorrow night might be more realistic!

munz Thu 02-Jun-05 09:16:26

lol, ok then i'll check in on u then, i'm not going to do any more as we've only got one CB left, will make a DR's apt today for next week for confirmation.

aparently u can get a BFN up to 8 weeks PG.

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 09:18:36

oh no! Think of the money i'm going to waste - 8 weeks, that's ridiculous!

I only have one cb left too....i'll let you know how long i can last out (bet it's only til tonight!) Tonight - who am I kidding!? probably lunch time!!!!! [slighly, mad, obsessive, scary icon]!

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 09:19:27

munz - do you have any kids already?

munz Thu 02-Jun-05 09:20:54

lol, u sound just like me, go with the chepo ones on ebay, 5 for £3.00 something odd, none yet, early m/c at 7.5 weeks b4 thou.(was a long time ago) but had a def positive from first day of missed AF, this time was v faint, but was there none the less.

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 09:21:57

i shall keep all my bits crossed for you.

Miranda5 Thu 02-Jun-05 09:23:12

I am experiencing exactly cheap ones faint or not there but CLearblue digital nice and positive yesterday and even + at six o clock at night ! I am not even late yet. Today internet tests one + one - and clearblue darker and more positive than yesterday. I actually like the unequivocal nature of those silly clearblue digital....
Good luck girls

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 09:24:08

congrats miranda!

Miranda5 Thu 02-Jun-05 09:26:15

Well its half term and i have all my kids at home ( 3 bigs) one small (ish) so my PMT ish early pg symptoms not appreciated byt them!

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 09:27:21

omg - you have 4 kids already! I just don't know how women do it - i take my hat off to you! It's taken me three years to get my head round having a second one

munz Thu 02-Jun-05 09:27:46

congrats marinda - I did look at the CB digital, but don't know if I could suffer if it said BFN. I'm not a fan of the normal CB tests thou. i'll see the Dr I think that's who did the test last time a big circle thingy.

hotmama1 Thu 02-Jun-05 09:32:09

I went for the cb digital because it would cut out 'is that a line/not a line' as they say pregnant/not pregnant. I tested one day and 3 days late and they both said not pregnant - can only assume the HCG wasn't strong enough then but was when I tested with a normal cb -still has a big fat cross a week later!

Miranda - what's the age difference between yours?

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