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anyone got any info or success stories after having IUI ??

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clairebear88 Thu 03-Sep-09 20:53:38

hi all

I have been ttc #1 for 26 months and me and DH have had all tests done but all clear. I was on clomid for 5 months last year and am on month 6 of clomid this year with no joy. This is the last month of clomid and it looks like IUI is the next step but I do not know anyone in RL who has gone through this procedure

Any info or stories will be great ta

Issy42 Thu 03-Sep-09 21:12:14

Hi Clairbear, I had 8 IUIs. Check out this website to meet people at your clinic or in your area. There are threads for each different type of treatment, IUI, IVF, ICSI etc..

I'm not sure what you wish to know. The process is that they spin the sperm in a centrifuge to get the best swimmers. They also treat it to get it into the same condition it would be in naturally by the time it reached the womb. Then they use a catheter to place the prepared sperm into the womb - it's a bit like having a smear test as they use a speculum. Success rates are not that great, but having said that I did get pg twice - on my first IUI, mc'd at 5 weeks and on my 6th, which was my first using clomid, had really early mc. Like most people I moved onto IVF in the end as success rates much better and it worked for me.

There are others going through IUI and IVF on the Assisted Conception thread.

Good luck!

peanuthead Fri 04-Sep-09 19:04:12

hi cb
I had a successful IUI - had 3 unmedicated and then a medicated as a last resort and conceived DD - so they do work. And a friend of mine got pg on her first go with one.

I then had 4 medicated and nothing - but turns out my eggs are totally knackered so it's no surprise.

I found it quite useful for this last lot to see them as a set - ie the success rates are rubbish for 1 but for 3 or 4 they're not bad - not sure what. Which meant in theory I didn't get too obsessive until number 3.

It's totally stress free on a physical level, no real side effects from the drugs as they're so mild. It could be a bit stressful trying to make sure DH could get to the clinic on the right day as it was always different.

Good luck!

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