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Can bereavement make it difficult to conceive?

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pamelat Wed 02-Sep-09 20:12:43

I start this topic with some apprehension as I realise that we were previously very lucky. I was pregnant within 2 weeks of coming of the pill, it was brilliant and I know we were very very lucky (I remind myself of this mid DD's frequent tantrums)

DD is 20 months.

3.5 months ago I came of the pill.

3 months ago my grandma died. I feel a bit like I have been sad since this time as I really miss her and was very close to her, used to chat every other night.

Its been quite difficult.

However, it made me more sure of our desire to ttc.

I know 3.5 months is not very long (although it feels like it) but am just wondering whether its almost pointless to try until I feel a bit better?

I can function fine on a day to day basis and I can be happy (DD, weddings etc) but deep down I am just sad. I feel pregnant would really help and give my grandad something to be happy about and something to look forward to, meeting a second great grandchild.

Cosmosis Thu 03-Sep-09 10:04:02

I know stress and affect ovulation, so it is possible that it is an issue, yes.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

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