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Any tips on concieving a girl??

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shellmc Tue 01-Sep-09 09:51:34

Hiya ladies its a bit early for me to be asking as i have a gorgeous little boy 13 weeks old i love and adore him. I had a early miscarriage last year in may and me and hubby were devastated.
Then i fell pregnant again in the august of last year we were over the moon but very very scared tooo.
Everything went well and i loved being pregnant altho i did have really bad sickness from 4 weeks to 28 weeks then returned at 34 weeks!!!! But knowing i was carrying my baby made it all worth it. :-)

Me and hubby are loving having our son with us and loving watching him grow and develop.
We have spoken about having another baby oin the future and woukld like to try for a girl we would be very happy with another boy dont get us wrong but just wondering if trying for a certain gender does actually work and what are the things to do???
We have heard you should have sex a few days b4 ovulation for a girl is this true???


EllieG Tue 01-Sep-09 09:59:18

Congratulations on your DS!

Girl sperms are apparently slower swimmers than boy ones, but live for longer, so apparently if you have sex 4 days before ovulation the boy sperms will have got there too quick and died but by the time the girl ones have got there the egg will be ready. So they say anyway, someone will probably be along with something more scientific in a moment...

shellmc Wed 02-Sep-09 17:17:19

Thanks ellie for your reply! :-)

yeh that is what iv heard too not sure if its true or if infact using this method it would work!! ???

BlueSkyDay Thu 03-Sep-09 16:47:26

hey there, i'd be interested in hearing anyone's ideas too. Don't think there's anything wrong with boys btw, before I get slayed, I have a DS who I love dearly too, and think, what's the harm in trying for a girl if there's a next time round wink

Tigger13 Thu 03-Sep-09 20:04:08

I have 3 gorgeous boys and understand thing about girls but must admit to not getting the obsession about girls, however there is a book out there about it, can't remember name at moment but girls you try away from ovulation and boys bang on the day, I know i conceived away at least 4days away with last baby as been trying for him and using sticks but I had a boy so not really sure it works, I think there are diets etc.

Enjoy your little man trust me they grow to quickly and just hope you can conceive again and have another healthy baby.

justwantedtoshare Thu 03-Sep-09 20:18:40

I have 3 boys and am expecting a girl smile but ask me and I just think it's random and 50/50, and wha is meant to be will be.

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