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Progesterone...........sooooo confusing...

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losingallhope Mon 31-Aug-09 17:50:06

I know the basics of P rising following ovulation and after months of disappointment on clomid I now know exactly when to get blood checked, if anyone needs advice on this let me know.

However, does anyone know what the average normal/fertile woman's progesterone would rise to following ovulation? After 6 months on clomid, and now on 150mg CD2-6 am finally ovulating. This month P was 42, Dr said wanted it to be at least 35 so could this mean I MAY have cracked it? Or is it just a normal post ovulation result that will now drop and give the heartache of Evil AF!?

2ndDestiny Tue 01-Sep-09 09:43:45

I am just waiting anxiously for my progesterone results now. As I understand it, anything over 30 indicates that ovulation has occurred that cycle, and is high enough to support a pregnancy should you conceive. My GP surgery specifies the normal range as 30-128. Unfortunately your progesterone level doesn't tell you anything else - no progesterone level can confirm pregnancy, so you still need to wait and see if AF shows up. Let's hope she doesn't! Good luck

gina84uk Tue 01-Sep-09 16:02:29

hi iam new to this site,
i had blood tests done to check my hormones.the results were back to day it said i had low progesterone iam sure they said 16.5 but i don't know how high they should be.

i did have depo jab,i only had two and my last jab was a over a year and a half ago and i got my periods back 8 months ago so i think the depo must be out of my body now.

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