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Implantation? Have straws... am clutching!

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pigleychez Sun 30-Aug-09 10:09:34

Im currently on cd 19 and ovualted on CD14.

Late last night just before bed I felt a short sharp stabbing pain.
I had a similar thing when pregnant with DD but the stabbing pains lasted about 10 mins. Dont know what CD that was as I didnt realise what it was till after my BFP.

Anyway.. Would it be the right timing?
Any experiences?

weaselbudge Sun 30-Aug-09 12:06:41

Hello. I had really strong implantation pains this time round. they started as a sort of stabbing pain at 5 dpo (same as you) but lasted for 2 days as a sort of continual stabbing ache. I think that it can just be one short pain though - everyone is different - clutch those straws!!!

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