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older mum TTC on clomid

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urmagic Sat 29-Aug-09 10:17:33

Hi I am 43 on my first cycle of clomid after failed ivf and a miscarriage. Just wondering if anyone is in the same position?

beanieb Sat 29-Aug-09 13:48:17

Hi there ... I am 39 and on my second round of clomid. Where are you?

I am kind of surprised you have had IVF before Clomid as I thought the normal route was Clomid then IVF? Sorry to hear the IVF was not a success and that you have miscarried sad

I know someone who at 41 has decided she would like children. She has seen my struggles (Been trying for 2 years - Unexplained infertility, HSG, Clomid, Pregnancy and then miscarriage and now back on teh clomid) and so is realistic about the chances but I am hoping she does manage it.

There's a thread here somewhere for 40+ women trying to conceive which I am guessing I will have to join soon if I am unsuccessful this year.

Anyway - just thought I would say hi and good luck.

Devonmade Fri 04-Sep-09 12:08:26

Hi. I also posted this on another thread 'clomid ttc' then found this one for 'older mums'. I'm 44 and had a baby naturally when I was 41 after 5 years of ttc, 2 early m/c's and 'unexplained infertility'. We've been trying for another baby and recently two day 21 blood tests revealed I was not ovulating so have had one month of clomid 50g and doctor has upped it to 100g this month. Would be good to hear from 'older women' as not sure whether our age means that we're less likely to be successful on clomid?

My doc told me to take the pills days 1-5 but I've read over and over it should be 3-7 or 5-9? When is most effective? Also people mention scans which they've had done. I've not been offered any monitoring (maybe because I already have a child)? What do the scans tell you?

Beanieb - Did you ever find the 40+ thread you mentioned?

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