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Early Pregnancy - No Symptoms

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CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 09:32:33

Hi there
Would be grateful for any advice.... I've done 4 pregnancy tests, and all have been positive. I reckon it's been 3 weeks since conception. I have no symptoms, although I did have mild cramping for about an hour a week ago. My doctor said he didn't need to do a test if I'd done 4 positive tests already. He's asked me to go for an ultrasound on Friday next, which will be 3.5 weeks. Is it 'normal' not to have any symptoms? Is it 'normal' to have an ultrasouns at this point?
Any advice, answers or comments very welcome.
Many thanks.

Tessiebear Tue 31-May-05 09:36:49

It is very normal to have no symptoms at this stage - i have never had symptoms until 6/ 7 weeks with all three of mine. Some people have very mild symptoms / no symptoms at all for the first few months - everyone is different.
Dont beleive that it is standard proceedure to have an ultrasound this early - do you have a history of early miscarriage??
If you are confused / unhappy with what you have been told by the doctor - ask WHY.

fastasleep Tue 31-May-05 09:40:30

It's definately not procedure to have a scan that early! I know lots of people that have had no morning sickness or anything like that..

CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 09:46:19

Wow - quick response!
No, this would be my first baby, although I am 36. Although I'm from Europe, I'm currently working in a developing country, so maybe this is the way they do things here...?!? It's a relief to know that having no symptoms doesn't mean anything is wrong.

expatinscotland Tue 31-May-05 09:50:27

I had no symptoms till 6/7 weeks, either. Then, MAJOR sickness!

If you had a scan at 3.5 weeks, it's not likely they'll see anything beyond maybe a sac and poles, but even that may not show up.

I had a scan at 7 weeks and there was a beating heart, but it was very, very tiny - only 13mm.


munz Tue 31-May-05 09:56:35

I don't have many either and have just had a BFP, apart from growing pains in both boobs! waiting anxiously now.

Moomin Tue 31-May-05 10:07:47

I'd agree with most here - that it's quite normal not to have many symptoms until a bit later. It is quite early to have a scan, but at this stage they'll be able to see the sac. The heartbeat doesn't start until 6-7 weeks though so don't be panicked if they can't see one yet.

CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 10:11:11

Sorry, forgot to mention at the beginning, but when I first went to see him last Friday, he gave me a scan then too! Weird, or what?!

Toothache Tue 31-May-05 10:14:15

CathyAnn - Has there been a confusion about your dates perhaps?

CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 10:17:29

Hi Toothache
I don't think so, mind you he didn't even ask me when my last period was. I told him though that I was 6 days late....

fastasleep Tue 31-May-05 10:19:55

Gatecrashing to say MUNZ!!! a BFP!! I missed that one! great news congrats to you! (I still remember you from TTC)

Toothache Tue 31-May-05 10:20:03

Maybe he just wanted to check that you weren't any further on. Did he give you internal scans?

CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 10:23:13

No, nothing. Simply took my blood pressure and temperature and weighed me. He then proceeded to tell me that it mightn't be in the right place in my womb...not really a heartening doctor's visit....!

fastasleep Tue 31-May-05 10:26:12

That sounds so weird! They surely can't tell a thing at this stage.... very weird indeed, I mean people in this country that get an early scan usually have it at 6 weeks at the very earliest. Just to check they are actually pregnant rather than looking for anything in particular.. and we only get those if we've had 3 miscarriages!

Toothache Tue 31-May-05 10:26:31

What I mean is was the scan he gave t=you last Friday.... was it external or internal?

If he thinks it's in the wrong place thats why he's giving you a 2nd scan..... he mustn't have been able to see much with the first one. By the time you have the next on a week on Friday you will be 7 or 8wks and he should see the wee heartbeat flickering away.

CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 10:29:45

Hi again Toothache
It was an ultrasound scan, and he said he couldn't see anything and said it ws 50:50 whether I was pregnant or not...despite the fact I told him about the 4 positive tests. This Friday I'll be almost 4 I really don't expect him to see anything...

fastasleep Tue 31-May-05 10:31:08

Lol! There are two types of ultrasound scan silly, one that rolls around on your abdomen and one that goes somewhere a wee bit more uncomfortable lets just say, that would be an internal one, which rolls around on your cervix.

CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 10:33:55

Oops, silly me, not being au fait with all the relevant terminology...
It was external ultrasound - jelly on the belly.

fastasleep Tue 31-May-05 13:42:13

That's even more bizarre! I hope your doctor knows what he's doing, everything sounds fine to me anyway try not to worry about the scan, and if they don't see a heartbeat I wouldn't worry at this stage!

wishingchair Tue 31-May-05 13:50:35

Hi (and congrats!) - just wanted to add that if you think it is 3 weeks since conception, don't forget that you count from the start of your last period to find out how many weeks pg you are, so you could be 6 wks pg at the scan and therefore maybe able to see a tiny heartbeat. Hope it all works out for you (and any chance of seeing another doctor??!!!)

Oh and I never really had symptoms that were any different to normal pre-menstrual stuff.

CathyAnn Tue 31-May-05 21:59:57

Thanks everybody. Fingers crossed that Friday will yield something positive. The wait is killing me though...

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