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No signs of ovualton but getting symptoms, any ideas?

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Nicadooby Fri 28-Aug-09 10:43:46

Hi there ladies,

My body is playing tricks on me I am cd 21 today and I have used opk everyday since my period finished but have seen no sign of a positive, but i have been having loads of symptoms:

*lower tummy cramps on and off for about 4 days most being today

*going wee a lot more often

*pains from ovary on the right hand side

*been feeling sick on and off for about a week now(even made jokes about it last week as didn't think i had ovulated yet???) but even more so today

*tender (.)(.)'s also the odd stabbing pain in them too (not majorly though)

*When i put my jeans on yesterday (not wore them in a couple of weeks as not my fave) were much tighter on my tummy than before but I've not put any weight on.

* twinges in/up my fanny (sorry not sure what to call it)

* increased wind (a main symptom when pregnant with Josh)

* Headaches for the last two days

* emotional

* increased (first signs of) CM

I'm really don't think I'm imagining them as i feel them even when I'm not thinking about baby's, and I'm not even sure that i have ovulated yet.

Do you think these could be ov symptoms? or could it just be my body adjusting to being off the pill? or dare i say it could i be having pregnancy symptoms?

Thanks N

cocolepew Fri 28-Aug-09 19:53:44


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