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NancyPreg Fri 28-Aug-09 08:19:48

Today's list:

Sunshine15 TTC#2 Cycle 1 UCL? CD48
tobago04 TTC#3 Cycle 2 UCL37? CD38
HellsNB TTC#1 Cycle 2 UCL40 CD36
Mampam TTC#3 Cycle 2 UCL??? CD34
Mickbell TTC#1 Cycle 8 UCL26-29 CD34
wickedwitchsouthwest TTC#2 Cycle5 UCL29-32 CD34
aideesmum TTC#2 Cycle 1 UCL30 CD34
TheKurgan TTC#1 Cycle 1 UCL28 CD33
FactsAndFigures TTC#2 Cycle 1 UCL28 CD33
sky27 TTC#1 Cycle 2 UCL24? CD31
lucylev TTC#1 Cycle 1 UCL28 CD31
pinkmushroom TTC#2 Cycle 2 UCL29 CD30
theowlwhowasafraidofthedark TTC#2 Cycle 3 UCL35 CD30
fotheringhay TTC#1 Cycle 2 UCL28? CD29
Gingerbics TTC#2 Cycle 6 UCL30ish CD28
leonifay TTC#1 Cycle 3(post mc) UCL30-31 CD28
Ladylou83 TTC#1 Cycle 2 UCL28-36 CD27
claireinthecom TTC#1 Cycle 3 UCL29-30 CD27
PistachioLemon TTC#1 Cycle 9 UCL24-35? CD27
Medee TTC#1 Cycle 1 UCL? CD24
Eveywoo77 TTC#2 Cycle 3 (clomid) UCL25-30 CD23
Nicadooy TTC#2 Cycle 1 UCL?? CD22
UmBongo TTC#2 Cycle 15 UCL31 CD22
Firerise TTC#1 Cycle 1 UCL30 CD22
bluesnowfalcon TTC#1 Cycle 2 UCL30 CD21
NewMember TTC#1 Cycle 6 UCL24-28 CD21
Mumabee TTC#1, Cycle 2 UCL27-28(or is it 37?), CD21
LastTrainToNowhere TTC#2 Cycle 2 UCL28 CD20
Liahgen TTC#6 Cycle 7 UCL26 CD18
bubbalewy TTC#3 Cycle 3 UCL25 CD18
Kaylo TTC#3 Cycle 1 UCL29 CD18
PigleyChez,TTC#2 Cycle 1, UCL28 CD 17
Beanmum TTC#2 Cycle 5 UCL24-25 CD16
giantjamsandwich TTC#4 Cycle 7 UCL30 CD16
kkas TCC#1 Cycle 1 UCL? CD16
HarryJoesMummy TTC#2 Cycle 4 UCL28 CD15
ilove2shop TCC#1 Cycle 9 UCL27 CD15
Loujalou TTC#2 Cycle 4 UCL24-28 CD15
zayja TTC#1 Cycle 4 UCL26-28 CD15
CurlyCasper TTC#1 Cycle 1 UCL? CD15
SnowBunny1 TTC#2 Cycle 2 UCL? CD14
Lizkin TTC#1, Cycle 5, UCL28-32, CD12
Spirael TTC#1 Cycle 2 UCL27.5 CD12
Sweetpeasmum TTC#2 Cycle 2 UCL29 CD12
sayanything TTC#1 Cycle 3 UCL26-28 CD12
pepperonipizza TTC#1 Cycle 3 UCL25 CD12
shesadiamond TTC#1 Cycle 10 UCL27-29 CD11
mummydemma TTC#3 Cycle 2 UCL28-33 CD10
skihorse TTC#1 Cycle3 (p-mc) UCL28 CD6
ImmaterialGirl TTC#1 Cycle 2 UCL28 CD6
MrsRigby TTC#2 Cycle 1 UCL? CD?
Applesaretheonlyfruit TTC#3 Cycle 1 post July mmc UCL28 CDnobloodyidea

Gargula BFP 10th Aug
Lizzie9442 BFP 21st Aug
Morefaith BFP 21st Aug
Boodleboot BFP 22nd Aug
Bettymamma BFP 24th Aug
memorylapse BFP 25th Aug
sweetkitty BFP 27th Aug
KayStar BFP 27th Aug
grin grin NancyPreg BFP 28th Aug grin grin

SK and morefaith I would like to join in the hand-holding!

CurlyCasper Fri 28-Aug-09 08:56:25

Wow a whole new thread to announce your good news on! CONGRATULATIONS nancy and, of course, thanks for the new thread and updated list.

It's very exciting to see our bus founder graduate. grin

How's everyone else today?

mummydemma Fri 28-Aug-09 09:00:47

Not much time this morning but just wanted to say CONGRAULATIONS NancyPreg grin! So pleased for you.

Also tobago don't give up hope yet. I didn't get positives with either of my two until I was a week late. Didn't stop me from testing every day from CD25 last month though!wink

memorylapse Fri 28-Aug-09 09:17:47

wohoo!! congrats nancypreg..thats was very craftygrin..just slipping your name into the graduates listgrin
tobago.when I was preg with ds2 I had about 5 -ve tests and didnt get a +ve until I was 2 weeks late

tobago04 Fri 28-Aug-09 09:21:22

A big congratulations Nancypreg!
Thanks for all the support,think it's just the not knowing,i get excited in the 1 ww then when it gets to testing i get scared at the thought of going through labour again and the when it's a BFN i'm gutted,just makes you a bit emotional does'nt it?
Anyway thats my moaning over!
Well done again Nancypreg grin

Ladylou83 Fri 28-Aug-09 10:02:51

Congratulations Nancypreg!!!!!!!!!! Very very very happy for all our graduates!

Was just reading a news report that UK is going through a BIG BABY BOOM! Fingers crossed that more of us join the baby boom!

Ladylou83 Fri 28-Aug-09 10:16:28 all my non-symtom-spotting friends are now all preggers gringringrin im gonna allow myself a little bit of obsessive symptom spotting.

*Had cramps yesterday, very low down, and not like normal = implantations maybe?

*Feel sick as a parrot last night and this morning, couldnt even smoke my breakfast cigarette (yes im a terrible smoker, but have cut down from 20 a day to 5, so im doing better than I was)

*Nipple area = beeping huge!

*Crying at stupid things

Of course these are all evil AF symptoms too, but Im having my five minutes of Pregnant till proven not....Yey! grin

ImmaterialGirl Fri 28-Aug-09 10:19:20

Yay, congratulations Nancypreg!! grin

Aah, almost weekend! Hope everyone has a good one!

NancyPreg Fri 28-Aug-09 10:21:16

Big big thank you for all your best wishes! I am cautious so I will hover around for awhile yet to see how everybody else gets on - good luck to all ladies!

In case anybody is curious (and following on from the fertility foods chat), I noticed dietary changes as early as last Sunday evening at 9pm, when I had to make a chip butty shock. On Monday, I had to have a bacon and sausage roll shock, Tuesday saw marmalade on toast and then a monstrous bag of chips, sausage and curry for dinner, Wednesday finished off the sausages from Monday and a first tin of Coke shock and yesterday was a Burger King Angry Whopper grin and more Coke. BFP food!

I don't usually eat bacon, sausage or chip butties! Haven't had marmalade on toast for years. And Coke is, for me, a fairly good indicator of pg!

However....I am now forcing down snacking on All Bran to alleviate the internal sloooow down hmm

Ladylou83 Fri 28-Aug-09 10:32:38

One of my dear friends has banned me from taking HPT till 2moro, as its AF due date 2moro. I think secretly its because were going to an all u can drink and eat place tonight, as part of a girlies night

Ladylou83 Fri 28-Aug-09 10:34:31

NancyPreg that would be pregnancy heaven for me. i obsessively love chips, to the point where I will prob give birth to a chip grin. So so so happy for u

sky27 Fri 28-Aug-09 10:39:16


Any info in treatments for LPD gratefully received!

lucylev Fri 28-Aug-09 10:46:52

Congratulations to you NancyPreg!

No sign of my P again this morning,have terrible sore breast and nips blush

NancyPreg Fri 28-Aug-09 10:53:23

Ladylou your symptom list looks promising and not long to wait now until you can test!! Fingers xxxx

sky I've read (on here) that taking B6 can lengthen the LP...I'd recommend having a trawl through some of the old MN threads on LPD to see what wisdom you can find. When I saw the gynae. last month, she didn't seem interested at all in my LP (didn't even ask about it) and said there is no evidence to support the use of progesterone supplements. I was a little surprised tbh but I guess all the docs will have their own theories. Have you spoken to you GP about your concerns?

lucylev oooohhhh sounds promising doesn't it?!

liahgen Fri 28-Aug-09 11:16:22

congrats nancy

Just saving my place.

Was madly searching for my Tesco test that I know is in the house this morning. Couldn't find it

Good job really, still too early and i would have been annoyed with myself. I am not testing till Monday at the very earliest.

Anyone wanna hand hold, I'll be 5 days early by then and so should still wait, who should wait, but is desperate to test early from Monday onwards

NancyPreg Fri 28-Aug-09 11:27:36

liaghen fate has intervened...hope you manage to hold off until Monday and fingers very tightly x for the right result...<<proffers an early hand>>

lucylev Fri 28-Aug-09 11:28:55

NancypPreg- I had a neg test first thing yday morn, should have been due on Tues so not quite sure, will give to Mon and re test and see, fingers crossed

lucylev Fri 28-Aug-09 11:34:22

liahgen- I will be testing again Mon, i'm with you!

sweetkitty Fri 28-Aug-09 12:02:49

whoohooo shiny new thread

nancypreg - congratulations grin we have a wee hand holding Due in May thread going you know just in case

tobago - oh poor you, the same thing happened to me last month, period was 8 days late and when it arrived it arrived with a vengence and then some, I came to the conclusion chemical pregnancy although I kept getting BFNs too, 27 days later I got a BFP, you already have two DC chances are it's just a matter of time for you too, but I know what you mean so bloody annoying you just want period to come and start CD1 again.

ladylou - loving the symptom spotting, I have no symptoms whatsoever yet apart from the fact period was due today would never know I was pregnant, my boobs still look like two golf balls in a pair of old socks post BFing, no odd cravings yet either.

In a few weeks hopefully I am going to go off all food and live on Dairylea sandwiches and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (fast to make, don't smell and can wolf them down to stop feeling hungry

liaghen - willpower willpower willpower says me who has none whatsoever blush have you hidden the test from yourself too well lol

Right better dash and pick up DD1 from school, retrieve DD2 from naughty corner and cclean biscuit off DD3 (can't you tell I am a great Mother)

claireinthecommunity Fri 28-Aug-09 12:12:54

<<pops head up>>

I jumped on the bus at the beginning of August as the TTC thread (first time frolickers) I was on was a little quiet <<waves at fellow frolickers>> I then found this thread to be a little fast and couldn't keep up blush Since then the frolickers thread has become busier, so I didn't post again on here, another blush

As I saw a second thread starting I thought I'd come and have a nose at whats been happening. Well, no wonder I couldn't keep up with a list that long!

Congratulations NancyPreg, what a great way to announce your BFP grin and congrats to all other BFPers.

I'm currently on cd27 with a cycle length of 29/30. Since about Sunday I've been getting an AF type feeling, which has varied between a dull ache to full on cramping - there has been no bleeding. My hopes are obviously up, but I'm trying not to get too excited and refrain from testing too early!

It's interesting you mentioning bacon and sausages NancyPreg, I've been eating a lot more meat than usual this week...

Best of luck to all testing soon smile

memorylapse Fri 28-Aug-09 12:45:33

DH came home yesterday and looked in the cupboards before announcing "oh god its started"..there were 4 boxes of bakewell tarts in there and 2 boxes of jam tarts..I have no idea how they got in there <<whistles innoncently>>

I tend to crave sweet stuff in the early weeks as the sickness kicks inshock

Beanmum Fri 28-Aug-09 13:07:06

Massive congratulations to you nancy - though what we'll do without you on the conception buses I just don't know smile

Good luck to everyone testing over the bank hol weekend - I've still got another 10 days before I should test, though whether or not I can hold out that long will remain to be seen. Have been noticeably nauseous for the last 3 days, but am beginning to notice that this happens most cycles shortly after ovulation, so think it's possibly due to the hormonal shift rather than anything more exciting...

Happy weekend everyone x

Loujalou Fri 28-Aug-09 13:49:34

This is probably tmi but the last few days since ovulation (ovulated Tuesday I think) have felt like I am wet down below. Lots of CM today. Not a sign as far too early.

Anyway have been planning nights out, eating tarmasalata and going on a fitness drive. All things mean I am bound to get pregnant soon... Well the more things that I do apart from obsessing the better. Especially things that don't go well with being preggers.

Beanmum 10 days til I am due. Was thinking could do one of those FR in 4 days but not going to. Am going to hold out til af is due.

Not feeling too lucky this month. Though conceived two years ago in August so who knows. Otherwise its another month of trying and getting obsessed.

liahgen Fri 28-Aug-09 13:50:37

nancy you're so right.

sweet I'm with yu on the sweet stuff in the early days.

lucy excellent, we'll get through the weekend together.

AM not actually going to buy a test so won't have the oppurtunity to test early.

Good luck to anyone testing over the weekend, I did think maybe we'd cracke it this month but think perhaps was just wishful thinking. We'll see. (after Monday, )

Beanmum Fri 28-Aug-09 15:17:48

Hey loujalou - let's do mutual moral support in staying away from the tests then! You trying for No 2 too? How old's your LO?

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