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TTC sex - morning/evening, legs in the air etc. - any advice on these delicate matters?!

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LeviStubbsTears Thu 27-Aug-09 15:34:47

Hi there

You may know me from elsewhere on these boards wink but I've been TTC without success for four years, increasingly assiduously. It sounds crazy, but just wondering whether the fact that we quite often have sex in the morning, rather than the evening might be hindering our attempts TC. I do do the legs in the air thing now, but do people think that the fact that sooner or later I get up and dash about, rather than lying down all night, might be a or the problem? And is there any evidence, scientific or anecdotal, that the legs in the air thing is crucial, and/or how long do people think is required?

Thanks a million if you do have anything to offer.

lovechoc Thu 27-Aug-09 15:48:10

Am the opposite of you and only have sex in the evening (when I can be bothered, that is!) and I'm still not pg yet after 6 months of trying (after MC).

Sorry you are taking so long to conceive, it will happen soon. But if you are really worried then contact your doctor and see if they can offer any advice to you.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 27-Aug-09 18:37:26


No, its got absolutely nothing to do with having sex in the mornings rather than the evenings. Legs in the air post intercourse is a myth as well; enough sperm will get to the cervix from where it won't escape so that is not at all necessary to do anyway.

At 4 years of ttc without success there is clearly a problem/s preventing conception.
Both of you should be under the care of a gynae at a subfertility unit now to pinpoint the source of the fertility problem/s. It may be that either one or equally both of you are contributing to the subfertility; therefore it is important that both of you are tested at the same time.

You owe it to yourselves to be medically investigated further if this has not already happened.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 27-Aug-09 18:42:41

BTW I note from your thread you've had "all" the tests done. What tests have you actually had to date, I ask this as some tests are often missed out and I would bet that you have not had all the tests done at all.

Do you feel that you have been adequately investigated?. When were the last set of test results given to you, anything older than six months should be discounted. You need current results.

I have read your other ttc thread. Alcohol has a very deleterious effect on sperms.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 27-Aug-09 18:47:43

It would not surprise me at all if it was conclusively determined that his alcohol consumption played a major role in the fertility problems.

LeviStubbsTears Fri 28-Aug-09 17:49:21

Good luck, lovechoc and sorry to hear about the MC. Hoping it won't take long for you.

Thanks to both, and especially Attila for the advice. I fear it almost certainly is the alcohol issue, which is a general issue as well as bearing on this particular aspect of life... But DH is not one that can be controlled or pressured to behave in a certain way. I, at least, can give up or cut down to near-negligible amounts, though, and this I will endeavour to do. At least I won't be worrying about sex habits any more - one small mercy!

We were fairly thoroughly investigated, though I think DH could do with an up-to-date sperm test. But we're about to assessed for IVF (if I don't conceive this month) so no doubt that will happen again (and hopefully a lecture on lifestyle from someone other than me...).

Have a great Bank Holiday, despite the dark skies...

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