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Confused - pregnant or not?? Help/advice needed!

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ladymoo Tue 25-Aug-09 13:05:41

I have now done a total of 5 pregnancy tests (damn these things are expensive!!!) first one was negative as tested v early, about 2 weeks before period due, second one had half a line, third one negative as tested later in the day but still 6 days before period due, third one had faint but definate line which was 2 days before period due. I have had a small amount of bleeding today, like end of period blood, and have just tested again using a digital one and the result was a definate 'not pregnant' of course i don't believe it!! Has anyone else had a similar experience? What do you think, is it worth testing again tomorrow with first wee of day or will it not make a difference now as am 2 days overdue for my period - or am i now having my period - oh so confusing!!! Any ideas??? Thank you!

stressyheady Tue 25-Aug-09 13:16:38

Hi Ladymoo I would say wait for a couple of days until you're well overdue (are you sure of your cycle length?) and if no period then test, first thing in morning (make sure you've had nothing to drink and haven't been to loo for at least 2 hours before) with a first response or digital test - that should give you your answer.

I tend to test by peeing in a container and dipping it so then I know it's got the right amount on the stick.

Do you have any symptoms?

I thought I would be on a 30 day cycle this month and tested (all expensive, sensitive tests) on day 24 - nothing, day 30 - nothing and day 32 - nothing but got a postive (having left it a few days) on day 36 so must have ovulated and conceived v late this month.

ladymoo Tue 25-Aug-09 13:23:57

Congratulations Stressy!!! Thanks for your advice, you are right, i will try & wait, will see if this bleeding turns into full blown period & if not do another test.

I have had symptoms for a few weeks now, I am not totally sure of my cycle though, I do feel very 'pregnant' though, have a ds already and feels v similar to when i was first pregnant with him. Oh well, will see what happens.

When are you due??

beanieb Tue 25-Aug-09 13:28:49

I had a negative on CD 28 and then a positive on day 30.

Testing two weeks before your period is due is not really worthwhile though as any pregnancy wouldn't even have implanted by then, infact you may not even have ovulated.

stressyheady Tue 25-Aug-09 13:28:57

I'm in a state of terror at the moment having had an mmc 2 months ago so not really thinking of myself as pg yet - only got BFP on Sunday so VERY early days. Not many symptoms at mo either which is a worry (didn't have any with mc pg but had loads, even before I knew I was pg with DS (now 3))

I'd say it's looking good that you might be pg (could be implantation bleeding - esp if you're not sure of your cycle) easier said than done (I'm obsessed with the things) but do try to wait before testing again - it'll be worth it grin Fingers crossed for you.

ladymoo Tue 25-Aug-09 13:35:15

Oh stressy sorry to hear about mmc.

I know is best thing to try & forget about it but soooooo hard!!

Don't worry about not having symptoms i'm sure is so different for each pregnancy. Hope all goes well for you

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