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If my period doesn't arrive in the next 24 hours I am going to screeeeeaaaaaammmmmmm!!!!

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IlanaK Mon 24-Aug-09 21:05:38

I thought I might be pg so took a test on Friday. Negative. My period has still not arrived and I am going insane!!! It is consuming every minute of my thoughts, I keep going to the loo to check, and every twinge makes me think "this is it".


claireinthecommunity Mon 24-Aug-09 21:44:11

Oooh how late are you?

IlanaK Mon 24-Aug-09 22:42:31

Finally it arrived!!!! So, not pregnant but can start planning now that I know. We will go for dc4 at some point, but not right now!

claireinthecommunity Mon 24-Aug-09 23:23:32

I'm pleased you finally got an answer, I'm currently in the 1WW and you're right, it is all consuming the not knowing.

WickedWitchSouthWest Mon 24-Aug-09 23:23:41

ah I know how you feel! I find doing an hpt brings mine on grin at least now you can start counting again! Good luck.

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