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when should periods return???

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taytotayto Mon 24-Aug-09 09:22:47

hi all
new on here so i hope this is in the right place
i had my first baby 6 weeks ago, we were trying for about 3 years, i have pcos and im how shall i put this.... overweight!! my periods were always odd and never the same each month if at all. anyway dont laugh but im hoping to get started on trying for baby No2 soon as the first 3 months are the most fertile following a baby according to my community midwife. but when should i expect my periods to come back (roughly)and do you need to having periods to get pregnant??

littleboyblue Mon 24-Aug-09 09:23:49

If your bf it can be longer for periods to return to normal

skihorse Mon 24-Aug-09 10:57:58

You don't need to be having your periods to become pregnant - it's a myth! Remember the "I didn't fink I cud get pregnant or nuffink cuz I was breast-feeding and everyfink?" wink

Congrats on the little one.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 24-Aug-09 13:39:45


With PCOS the situation is more problematic with regards to periods and they may become infrequent again. They are often irregular in nature and ovulation is thus affected. It is quite possible to have periods without ovulating particularly if PCOS is an issue.

I would not delay unduly with regards to ttc a second child (particularly as it took 3 years to conceive the first) and seek medical help from a gynaecologist particularly as you already have a PCOS diagnosis. Your midwife was wrong to state as she did.

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