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TTC2 after early m/c - any tips for staying sane in the coming months if it doesn't happen soon?

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OrangeKnickers Sat 22-Aug-09 09:41:31

I was V lucky and got preg with ds first time trying. Then after ds I got preg again first time trying but had m/c. sad

Tried for two months but no luck. I am so uncool about it. Getting AF, even though I know I am not pg (as not tired, spotty etc) sends me completely loopy. I am usual calm and pragmatic!

Any tips for keeping sane about the process? How do other people manage? Anyone else in the same boat?

Marrenon Sat 22-Aug-09 20:29:18

there was a great pg after mc/ttc after mc thread on here somewhere, it nearly kept me sane

Marrenon Sat 22-Aug-09 20:30:59

this looks like a good support thread

good luck smile

Beanmum Sat 22-Aug-09 21:41:16


No advice really, just to say that i'm totally in the same boat. Ds was a one shot wonder, and am now on month 5 ttc number 2... Ds is 3 1/2 - I put off trying for another mainly because of work, but am also finding it hard to deal with the waiting. If it's any comfort at all, the first couple of months were the hardest, am finding it easier to be a bit more philosophical recently. I'm sure it will happen - chin up!

Beanmum Sat 22-Aug-09 21:49:58

Oh and meant to say, I had a chemical pregnancy in the first month of trying too - it's really dispiriting.

mumcah Sat 22-Aug-09 21:59:32

Hi Orangeknickers,
I also got pregnant with DD1 on first attempt,well using the withdrawl method actually!Got pregnant again first attempt last time but had a MMC at 9 weeks.On cycle two now but really hard not to get obsessed!!
good luck!

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