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Please humour me: Who had sex bang in the middle of their fertile period and had a baby girl?

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LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 22:52:52

As above really.

Especially like to hear any stories of having 3 dcs of the same sex then having one of the opposite sex.

At my last scan with ds3, scanner told me as i already had 2 boys, itwas 99.9% dc3 would be a boy, and he was, so am assuming dc4 probo will be too.

rasputin Fri 21-Aug-09 22:53:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetkitty Fri 21-Aug-09 22:58:16

I have had 3 girls sex bang in middle of fertile period.

I looked into this and apparently there is only a very slight increase that if you hve had 3 or more of the one sex you will have another.

I don't know though when you look at families with loads of one sex.

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 22:58:17

Not too sure what I would 'do' with a girl, but would be a nice change..... i have used all my favourite boys names!

ShowOfHands Fri 21-Aug-09 22:58:52


Chances of having another boy only slightly higher than having a girl.

I conceived a girl bang in the middle of my fertile period btw.

epithet Fri 21-Aug-09 23:00:15

Two girls, both slightly ahead of the fertile period.

Chance of having same sex child increases with every continuous son/daughter, as someone else has said.

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:00:18

wow sweetkitty thats interesting.

i was going by the 'male sperm are faster' malarky, so if egg was waiting, the boys would be there first.

monkeytrousers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:02:34

I had a boy.

It is the male 'seed' that determines the sex though. That's about as tecnical as I can get as am not a geneticist.

sweetkitty Fri 21-Aug-09 23:08:10

True that sperm determine the sex but there is also research that eggs have a favouring towards one sex or the one so may only "let in" the right sperm.

DH is of the opinion that my body sends the boy ones the wrong way (not that they would ever stop for directions anyway) and only allows the girls ones near the egg and that I am actually trying to overrun the house wih mini-mes (the girls all look like me too) grin

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:09:30

showofhands - thanks for that. have had a scan thru it and it seems it is still pretty even as to wether i have a boy or girl.

if i have ANOTHER boy, that makes us pretty unique! lol

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:11:26

brilliant sweetkitty!

dhs theories are this:

men who seem to produce only boys have a high sperm count - which makes him very manly.... but.....

only a 'real man' can father a girl....??? pmsl


sweetkitty Fri 21-Aug-09 23:13:57

We are TTC no 4 at the moment, fully expect another girls although according to that study only 12.5% of families with 4 children have 4 the same.

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:15:05

yep.... so if u have another girly and i have another boy.... we will have to start a 'unique clique'. lol

sweetkitty Fri 21-Aug-09 23:16:56

We could just swap you know wink stop all the trying for a boy/girl comments

PacificDogwood Fri 21-Aug-09 23:17:07

Just found out I am expecting DS4, conceived couple of days before presumed ovulation.

Clearly, DH only has boy-sperm and I only provide boy-favouring eggs grin!!

BTW, I know a woman who had 7 sons, no girls.

I thought chance of either gender is pretty much 50:50 everytime you conceive; not that gender of previous children skews the odds??

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:24:05

Pacific - I thought it was pretty much 50:50 until the sonographer said '2 boys already?dc3 will be a boy - 99.9%' and he was.

Lady where I worked had 4 boys, decided to stop, accidently fell preg and was a girl.

Kitty: My boys tend to be blue eyed, blonde/fair haired, tall, rather slim..... does that suit you?!

sweetkitty Fri 21-Aug-09 23:27:25

Ladyoftheflowers - yes suits me fine my girls are blue eyed blonde, tall and slim with very independent, fiesty personalities and they never stop talking, you would be in for a shock after 3 boys grin

How exactly do you try for a boy anyway?

sweetkitty Fri 21-Aug-09 23:30:19

Response to are you trying for a boy? oh yes we used Shettles, no sex until ovulation helps them swim faster you see, upped intake of potassium and sodium and dropped calcium, had sex on odd days of the month, doggy style only you know for deeper penetration, I came first as it changes the vaginal pH making it more favourable for boy sperm, sex only on a full moon, oh sorry is that what you meant with try for a boy gringringrin

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:34:21

That's where we are going wrong then...

Dh is just far too good in the sack.... I always come first! lol

sweetkitty Fri 21-Aug-09 23:38:17

For a girl you need shallow penetration, no orgasm, sex few days before ovulation and plenty of calcium.

My DH must be rubbish then wink

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 21-Aug-09 23:41:47

Kitty, did u want 3 girls? U know what I mean when I say 'want' of course you want them..... or were u trying for boys but had girls, or just had girls and now would like a boy?
Will 4 be the last one?

Meanbeansmum Fri 21-Aug-09 23:58:49

I have two boys and then had a girl! (I was convinced we'd have 3 boys lol). There were definite differences the month I conceived my daughter. I took 4 days of angus castus, I was dieting and eating lots of peppers and salad. My husband was a firefighter (hot environment killing off boy sperm production---- theory) and we only had sex on cd 5 and 10/11. (I used to be an ovulate on cd 20 kinda girl lol). I think the angus castus kick started ovulation earlier and I had a girl sperm there to do the job.

Could all be coincidence of course lol.

Good luck to all ttc. Either sex is wonderful (although my daughter is obsessed with clothes).

sweetkitty Sat 22-Aug-09 16:29:05

I'm about half and half as to whether I want a boy or another girl, I "know" girls, it would be cheaper, a real girl gang, the girls I have are fab, I think a boy would be nice for DH poor man imagine being in a house with 5 women.

So I'm happy with either really.

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