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What comes first a positive test result or Symptoms???

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maddyd Sat 28-May-05 20:21:52

If you have enough hormones to make your boobs sore etc surley theres enough hormone for a positive result, yes?? or no??

I had a miscarriage 43 days ago and have had no af since. Im going out of my mind fretting. I have had a negative reult but i feel pregnant.

emeraldefmach Sat 28-May-05 20:38:41

No. I had all the symptoms several days before missed period. Week 5 my pregnancy test was still negative. Baby arrived week 39!

emeraldefmach Sat 28-May-05 20:40:28

Apologies. Didn't mean to imply that you are pregnant following your miscarriage. OOps, so sorry to hear of your mc.

maddyd Sat 28-May-05 20:43:07

No its ok, i want to be pregnant again but dont want to get my hopes up

Weatherwax Sat 28-May-05 20:47:25

My morning sickness appeared before my missed period for DD2, I just felt different before I missed the period for dd1.

Best wishes for your result

emeraldefmach Sat 28-May-05 20:49:52

I had a miscarriage a few years ago. Absolutely devastating, isn't it. My period came back four weeks later and I conceived 12 weeks after mc. I really hope it's good news for you. As I say, I had lots of pregnancy symptoms and negative tests but eventually a good positive result! Good luck.

maddyd Sun 29-May-05 12:16:03

Thank you emerald, ill keep you posted.

spangles Sun 29-May-05 17:59:24

I'm on my 3rd pg and I didnt have any symptoms until after I had positive test result. Everyone is different. I have had 2 MCs and conceived 2 months after one of them so try to keep smiling and good luck to you

Keysha Mon 30-May-05 07:59:59

Hi all,

Am new here but have been reading most of the posts for the past couple of months. Tell you the truth, I like the close bond pple have created on this net. It is so good to share the past experiences.

As for me, I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 3 years. I have PCOS and trying to TTC no #1. Will be 35 at the end of the year. I pray for God's blessings!

Maddyd, my 1st pg symptoms each time has been sore boobs then a +ve test. Some pple get sore boobs prior to their AF. Do you?I don't unless I have used fertility medicines that cycle. I wish you a great positive result! Keep us posted!

maddyd Mon 30-May-05 08:58:39

Sore boobs are normally my first sign, then sense of smell, then the tiredness. At the moment all 3 have kicked in. My dp as even noticed how i seem notice every little smell. Im going to leave it a few more days maybe till i hit 50 days with no af and then see. Ive been terribly sad the past few days after been so poitive in my thoughts. Just having a little relapse i think and the negative test doesnt help.

And your right about most of the people on here, the support for me has been fantastic and ill be ever thank full and hopefully will be able to support others in the same way.

expatinscotland Mon 30-May-05 09:17:44

I never go by symptoms. They are all the same as AF. Positive test and the 'symptoms' didn't set in till I was about 6 weeks along.

Good luck, and hope you get hte result you want!

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