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Is it just me, or should First Response tests be BANNED?

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InTheZenGarden Thu 20-Aug-09 10:45:11

grin wink

I mean, not so long ago, if you thought you were pregnant, you waited til you missed your period, then went and bought a test. (not so long before that, you got a chemist to do the test for you)

Now, you can test 6 days before your period is due shock. So I have just wasted £5 doing a test that told me exactly what I knew (not pg), when I could just wait a few days and have Mother Nature tell me herself! wink

All because I felt nauseous on Tuesday, and wishful thinking got the better of me.

Grrrrrrrr grin

And I know that no one forced me to do the test, I could have not bought it, but if it's there, it's so tempting, isn't it? Like having chocolate cake in the house..... cope fine when it's not there, but once I know there's cake, it has to be eaten grin

Rant over blush

Marne Thu 20-Aug-09 10:48:15

They are the work of the devil. I have spent way too much money on early tests in the past. Best to wait and see i think.

Tidey Thu 20-Aug-09 10:56:44

Invest in a bundle of cheapie '10 for 99p' type sticks from eBay and then you won't feel so bad about testing when secretly you know what's the result's going to be.

Ladylou83 Thu 20-Aug-09 11:31:34

I totally agree, think I spent near to £40 last month os tupid tests only for them to tell me it was all in my head. Have vowed this month am gonna wait till im late, but when ur cycle length is never the same, how do u know when ur late.

Knowing me i'll end up buckeling. Might have to have a look at ebay for cheapies

InTheZenGarden Thu 20-Aug-09 12:42:09

I've just bought cheapies grin

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 23-Aug-09 23:10:32

The cheapies rock, I bought a pack of 10 a couple of months ago after dh got his arse out over the cost of my impatience!

LeeWT Wed 26-Aug-09 21:56:25

AND the six day thing is CRAP! they so dont work.. they didnt show me a positive til 2 days before and they cost a fortune!

i'm all for the ebay cheapies but dont go for the midstream tests go for the dip tests!

FanjolinaJolie Thu 27-Aug-09 11:43:39

The six days before rule would only work for some people, eg if you had a long luteal phase.

They would never work for me as I have a shortish LP, usually 11 or 12 days. If I tested 6 days before my period was due it would only be 5 or 6 days past ovulation, when the egg has not even implanted yet. So no hope for a BFP.

So yes, IMHO a complete con and I do wonder how many women like me have wasted money on those tests month after month when they were never going to work that early.

lovechoc Thu 27-Aug-09 15:55:08

I've also been one of those gullable women who have mild symptoms and in the past have went out and bought a FRER and end up getting a negative result. Have now decided to just wait it out, it is just too expensive to do that regularly...

FanjolinaJolie Thu 27-Aug-09 16:39:37

I have just bought 10 x cheapie HPT from ebay so I won't feel guilty that I've wasted too much money when I invariably test too soon this month.

Patience is a virtue...

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