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whats going on in my body?!?!

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jennybensmummy Wed 19-Aug-09 06:18:22

we have been ttc for 20 months/cycles now, and this cycle is really not right! Illstart from the beginning - i have a son from a previous relationship, took me 2 yrs ttc before getting pg with him. Now with this partner its so far been 20 cycles so i think the problem is more than likely my end as he has a daughter from previous relationship that was concieved very easily!! I know its possible issues are with him too but still i surely have them for this to be happenening again right?? Ive asked again and again at the doctors for tests and they insist nothing til after 2 yrs ttc and then apparently still may not due to me being overweight and stressed (my son has special needs and needs a lot fo care and is hard work - main reason i get stressed!!) so im holding all hopes on christmas time for getting tests etc started but in all reality knowing our gp he probably will still refuse!!
now, this cycle (im normally 28days give or take a day or rarely 2 days never more) i am now 12 days late, i have been doing tests of the 10miu/ml sensitivity for the last 17 days (ie from 5 days before i was due)all negative though still no sign of af. i think i will have to see the doctor and ask if they can do a blood test etc i guess but knowing my doctors they wont and will just say if im so stressed (sn child etc) then thats why im so late!! im no more stressed this month than any other month if anything im less stressed i think!! AT the time i was due on i had my normal cramps, normal moody self, but nothing not even a drop!! so whats the chances of me being a) pregnant or b) have something more major wrong in the whole ttc process to suddenly go this irregular?? - dont worry about scaring me ive decided my body is next to useless now anyway and accepting chances are ill need the tests etc whenever the doctor will let me im just needing to know what it could be or if there is anything particular i can do or say to encourage the doctor i need tests - other than smile and act completely unstressed, and loose weight of course!

skidoodle Wed 19-Aug-09 06:29:00

You need to get a new doctor.

duchesse Wed 19-Aug-09 06:42:08

Ask for different doc. This is the response I got from mine after three years ttc, and I wish I'd changed then. I'd be wondering about PCOS at the very least in your case- they can test very easily for that and it can be relatively easily sorted in many cases.

tobago04 Wed 19-Aug-09 07:55:40

Get a new doctor and tell them you've been trying for 2 yrs already,good luck

jennybensmummy Wed 19-Aug-09 11:58:04

thanks, am thinking might have to get a new doctor but as we live in a village this would mean going a doctors out of the village and then if i didnt change my son that would be difficult but then if i did if he gets poorly its harder to get him to the doctors without having to take my partner to work and picking him up, not nice for a poorly child, as i can walk quite easily with him wrapped up etc to the one were at now, will investigate the surrounding villages doctors i think!

jennybensmummy Wed 19-Aug-09 11:58:53

also how do they test for pcos??

thedollshouse Wed 19-Aug-09 12:02:12

Very poor form for them not to refer you after 2 years of trying. I thought they were supposed to refer you after 12 months.

I have missed a couple of periods from time to time and never really understood why. I know you have taken tests but you have tried the digital tests? I only mention this as I sometimes have a false negative result from ordinary tests but have always found the digital ones to be accurate.

jennybensmummy Thu 20-Aug-09 05:07:56

well still negative this morning so definately will have to try the doctor see if they are any help!

jennybensmummy Sat 22-Aug-09 22:06:23

well im definately not pregnant, 15 days late and now a period from hell!!! do i still go to the doctor and ask about things do you think?????

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