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TTC after 2nd miscarriage this year...Cycle appears out of synch?

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pruneplus2 Tue 18-Aug-09 23:29:39

Hiya. I miscarried naturally on 03 March this year at 10+1 (baby measured 9+5) Bled for about a week after, scan showed complete miscarriage so physically, that was that.

I had my next period on 05 April. Normal period, lasting my usual 5 days. That was that.

I then conceived again. Sadly, I miscarried again (naturally) on 03 July at 11+5 (baby measured 8+5) It was extremely traumatic resulting in my being taken to A&E with extreme blood loss then transferred to EPU ward for overnight obvs. I continued bleeding heavily for 4-5 days then it abruptly stopped to literally nothing - no tailing off to spotting, discharge, nothing, just stopped. GP said it was nothing to worry about, scan showed complete miscarriage so I thought that was that...

Anyway. 31st July I start period, exactly 4 weeks from miscarrying. Very very heavy at first with a few small clots (sorry tmi) then lessening...But I am still bleeding on and off and the flow is light to moderate with heavy bouts occasionally - I've never had a period lasting more than 5-7 days - this one will be 3 weeks on Friday!

Is it my period? Scan did show thickened lining which I was warned may make period heavy but they didnt mention it would be so damn prolonged.

When am I likely to ovulate/have ovulated? When will my next period be? Sorry for such long winded post and for sounding so naive but I have always been regular as clockwork so its all thrown me somewhat!

Thanks xxx

piprabbit Wed 19-Aug-09 00:30:09

Hi Prune - sorry to hear you've been having such a tough time, I've not really got any advice although i did find that my cycle was a bit haywire for a couple of months after my 2 v. early miscarriages. Hopefully someone will come along soon with more info for you.

2ndDestiny Wed 19-Aug-09 10:49:30

Hi PrunePlus
sorry for your losses.
When I mc'd, I was advised that my next AF might be much heavier than usual and a bit strange (in the end that didn't come to pass as I had to have ERPC but that's another story).
If you normally have a clockwork 28 day cycle it's likely you may have bled through ovulation this month and could still get your next AF on time.
Maybe ask your GP if you are worried though.
Best of luck.

EldonAve Wed 19-Aug-09 16:32:41

I would go see your GP - a 3 week period doesn't sound normal, best to get checked out

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