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where do i go from here??

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bitchyfanny Tue 18-Aug-09 16:16:28

hiya girls, im really fed up with ttc, i had 2 mcs last year, since then i have had the most disgusting periods. i do my temps and cant say i really understand what im looking for, at least not when the temps are not text book. im going for a scan next month to see why my af is so heavy. im 39, and it seems that every step we take we take 2 steps back, we have had all the blood tests and chromesome tests, they were all fine. my gp wont prescribe clomid because i had a sterilisation reversal (2006)and have only 1 tube open, she said i could get "egg bound"!! has anyone else been in this situation with clomid? where do we go from here, im starting to give up hope of ever giving my dh a baby. thanks

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