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Breastfeeding whilst acting as Egg donor?

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oneopinionatedmother Tue 18-Aug-09 14:10:20

would the hormones interfere with breastfeeding? or would breastfeeding reduce the success?

wonder as I am thinkign of being egg donor for close relative. Also, if she can't carry the foetus (which looks possible), of being surrogate (which i reckon would probably mean no BF at all?).

crossing my fingers that she gets pg before it comes to that, but on the other hand, it would be better for me to do it as soon as poss if i'm going to do it at all....

thoughts please?

treedelivery Tue 18-Aug-09 15:11:21

I'm being a donor soon. I've been told to get in touch when I get periods, so we can go ahead. If they don't return they will induce a period with hormones, and then take over from there with the IVF drugs. The prolactin levels would be massively supressed to allow ovulation which should trigger a break in milk production sad

On the positive note, they reckon my treatment will be 2-3 weeks, so I am hoping to relactate after the donation is complete. But if not baby will be 10 months and I feel I can let it happen, as she will have had a good innings and I can balance the needs of the couple against hers then.

I did start a diary thread, but it's quite at moment as we are just waiting till probably October to start proceedings.

I think your mikproduction would be affected if you were to be a surrogate just the same, as you undergo IVF. Unless you are donating an egg and being a surrogate? Then I guess yuo might keep bf and do a timed artificial insemination? I dunno about that one, but lots of people ovulate and concieve whilst bfing

whereelseAndDontPrintThis Tue 18-Aug-09 15:14:48

The ovulation induction drugs will make you menopausal and dry up your milk supply completely. Your only choice would be to try and relactate afterwards.

cockles Tue 18-Aug-09 15:29:35

Even if your milk doesn't go, you would not want to be breastfeeding while taking such heavy doses of hormones.

cockles Tue 18-Aug-09 15:30:31

But being a surrogate would be ok if you don't mind bf while pregnant - if you got pg without any drugs that is (unmedicated IUI for example)

oneopinionatedmother Tue 18-Aug-09 18:22:08

@cockles - as they would make ds grow breasts you mean, or similar...

i see the difference in IUI though...interesting.


yeah, i think you're right that you have to weigh up their need for a child vs the needs of your own family. 10 months plenty though hopefully relactation would work.

more after tot bedtime, he's struggling to eat the keypad.

oneopinionatedmother Tue 18-Aug-09 20:14:33

it occurs to me if it was about month 8 i could start filling the freezer with experssed milk....

guess I'll wait and see, as if the tests come back with chromosomal abnormality, then egg donation would be the way.? or if the anti-blood clotting things don't bear fruit, and she really can't carry a foetues then it would just have to be the turkey baster for me... although i am a bit >yech< at the thought, as i don't fancy him (odd thing to consider?)...though he'll be a good daddy which i suppose it what matters.

i just don't want to run out of time. I am 32, and the donee is 34 - so if i was to wait until i have had my final planned pg and finished bfing the newbie, she'd be about 36 and less likely to succeed. So i suppose i could egg-donate now, then TTC my third, then do surrogacy (if the IVF didn't work..she's M/Cd four times now )

hard as i don't want to promise something i wouldn't be willing to do (ie risk no BF for one of my own kids bfore, say, 9 mo)

what about hormones to re-establish milk supply? (I'm thinking, not just for me, but if i was surrogate to a baby, would it be possible for the mother to BF? how likely?)

treedelivery Tue 18-Aug-09 20:31:45

Kellymom have info of helping adopting and surrogate new mums to lactate. smile Lots to condsider.

oneopinionatedmother Tue 18-Aug-09 21:50:43

wow, just read a ton of stuff on kellymom. 89% percent success in adoptive lactation with chemical aids in Papua New Guinea. A better success rate than we achieve in this country for primary mothers!

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